Toggle Your Auto-Rotation With Shake ‘n Rotate

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Smartphones these days come equipped with a variety of sensors that help you to orient your device and also view the pictures or videos in portrait or landscape mode. But the accelerometer sensors in the smartphones these days are too sensitive than the previous generation sensors.

A little tilt of your phone to either direction causes your screen to change orientation. Some people may need this orientation change frequently and to some this feature is just plain annoying because when you’re doing a simple work and suddenly the screen orientation changes it cause disruption of the work.

Enabling or disabling the auto-rotation requires you to get into settings menu and then changing the setting. Some phones also give the option to enable or disable the auto rotation right in the drop down notification menu while others don’t have this option.

But now thanks to Andrea Baccega who has developed a handy android app called Shake ‘n Rotate which will allow you to enable or disable auto-rotation with just a simple shake of your phone. The app makes life very easy by easily causing you to disable or enabling auto rotation.

How Shake ‘n Rotate Works?

For instance you want to view a picture in landscape mode now you don’t have to exit the gallery just to enter the settings.

Now you just have to shake the phone and a notification will appear in front of you indicating that auto-rotation has been enabled and then just tilt your phone into landscape mode to rotate the picture. After you are done viewing the picture now just hold your phone in the portrait mode and shake your phone to disable the auto-rotation.

A notification will show you that auto-rotation is disabled. This is a really handy app because after installing this app you can customize the sensitivity of the app which will determine how much you have to shake your device to enable or disable your device. If you set it to Sensitive mode then just a little tilting of your phone will cause auto-rotation to be enabled or disabled.

You can set the sensitivity of the app to Hard which will be optimum setting if you are planning to go jogging or working out in the gym. It will prevent from auto-rotation being enabled and disabled during your activity.

But if you set it to normal mode then it should be enough for day to day use. Just a great app but its not complete. There are lots of bugs in the app which the users have been complaining about. Some users have complained that either the screen orientation locks in the landscape mode and doesn’t change back to portrait mode or the sensitivity even when set to HARD is enough to change the orientation easily.

Some users have also complained that the app drains the battery quickly as it’s always active due to the inconsistency with the shaking. We do hope that the bugs and limitations get fixed in the future by an update as it’s a great app to control your screen orientation quite easily.

This app is available for free in the Google Play Store so download it and give it a try and let us know what you think about it and also if you know of any other way to control screen orientation easily do let us know.

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