Tokii : An App for Couple’s to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Hey guys Valentine’s day is coming soon. Everyone is interested find their better half. Already found them. Every manufacturers start to make their own products for Valentine’s day. So, only they can give gift to their better half.

App developers also create several apps specially for lovers.  Because, in this today’s hectic world, couples need a new way to say ‘I Love You’ so, developers starts to create a suitable app for them. Already many apps are available to strengthen their relationship. Here, is one more app called Tokii.

Tokii app

This app already hits big hit amongst the couples. They are using its fun tools and games to help bring them closer together. It allow the couples to communicate with each other while having fun and strengthening their relationship.

It facilitates the communication in different stages of your relationship by providing games, interactive play and relationship advice for you and your better half. It’s enriched content and games are created by experts for every kind of relationship (just met, long distance, newlywed or married for decades).

Not only for couples, it is also available for singles who want to learn something new about themselves.

Tokii app-2

The features of the Tokii are:

1. Mood Meter :

It is a mini love note; which allows your partner know how you are feeling and how they make you feel.

2. Discovery Games:

Over 250 games which helps you to bring up topics in a fun and safe way; available for both iOS and android. It is now available in 3 mode of play.

  • PLAY SOLO and discover something about yourself.
  • COMPARE mode provides insight on how your partner thinks.
  • COMPETE mode is about predicting each other’s answers and discovering how well you know one another.
  • Discovery Games provide facts and statistics to help put your relationship into perspective.
  • So, guys compare your answers to the Tokii community and see how you stack up.
  • Stay in sync on the web or with Tokii’s mobile app or both.
  • More great tools and features are available at
  • It is absolutely free for both you and your special someone.

If you want this app then get from Google Play Store or App Store. And also don’t forget to tell us how you are enjoying by using this app. It might someone else to make a try.

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