Top 10 Android Phones below Rs 10000

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When you are in India, there are a lot of Android phone selections which are priced lower than Rs 10,000. Below is the top 10 list of Android phones but are just priced with Rs 10,000.

1. Karbon A9:

Karbon A9

This is listed as the top choice of Android phone priced lower than Rs 10,000. It is a pretty huge Android phone with its dual sim capability. It is built with 1GHz processor giving it decent speed in running several applications. It has a 5MP camera and 3.8 inch touch screen. You can also connect it to computer using its USB connector and port. This Android phone has a price of Rs 8,990.

2. Spice Stellar Mi-425:

Spice Mi-425

Spice Stellar Mi-425 Another great Android phone with a price of Rs 9,999. It is equipped with a 4 inch capacitive touch screen making it a best buy. Just the same with the other affordable Android phones, it is run by a 1GHz processor. It has dual cameras with 5MP rear and 0.3 frontal side cameras.

3. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102:

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102

The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 is an Indian version of the typical Galaxy Y installment. With the Indian version, it is a dual sim phone which is run by Android 2.3.6 and is updatable. This phone is priced around Rs 8,150. It also has a pretty decent OS speed with 800 MHz. It has a wide touch screen with 3.14 inches in size. The 3MP built in camera looks promising for a very affordable Android phone carrying the Samsung brand.

4. Micromax A80:

Micromax A80

The Micromax A80 is available in India. It is a dual sim phone with a price of Rs 9,000. It has an operating system of Android 2.3 or better known as Gingerbread. It has a normal speed for processor with 800MHz and is equipped with 512MB of RAM. You can enjoy its 5MP camera with LED flash and 0.3 frontal camera for self photo capture or video calls.

5. Samsung Galaxy Y:

Samsung Galaxy Y

Carrying the brand of Samsung, Galaxy Y can be considered as one of the trusted Android phone. This is available in India and on other parts of the world. It is priced with Rs 6,749 and on it; you will be surprised that it is run by an 832MHz processor accompanied by a 300MB or RAM. This is a small Android phone perfect for pockets with its display with 3 inches wide in size. It has the Android 2.3.6.

6. HTC Explorer:

HTC Explorer

HTC Explorer is still a promising phone although it only has an internal memory of 90MB. However, it is pleasing that this Android phone is just priced with Rs 8,050 even if it is equipped with 600MHz processor and a decent RAM size of 512MB. You can use its high quality 3MP camera.

7. Micromax A75:


This is a very affordable and worth it Android phone because even if it is equipped with 3.7 inch touch screen and a 3.2MP camera, it is just priced around Rs 8,149. It is a dual sim phone which also has a frontal camera with 0.3MP. It has a processor speed of 650MHz with 256MB of RAM. It runs Android 2.3 or more known as Gingerbread.

8. Spice Mi-350n:


This is a smart phone powered by Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). You can buy this brand of phone in India for only Rs 7,449. You can rely with its decent 3.5 inch touch screen. It is equipped with 3.2Mp camera and also a0.3MP camera on its front side. This is also a dual sim phone run by a 650MHz processor with 256MB of RAM.

9. LG Optimus Net P690:

LG Optimus Net P690

This is another Android phone running with Gingerbread (Android 2.3). You can buy this in India with just a price of Rs 8,474. This is a very promising Android phone with 800MHz processor accompanied by 512MB of RAM. A built in 3MP camera can be enjoyed but with no LED flash.

10. Micromax A73:


This Android 2.3 phone is priced with Rs 7,050. Along with its affordability, it has a 2MP rear camera with 0.3MP frontal camera. It is run by a 650MHz processor.

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