Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks

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Guys, here is the best ten tips for Android Smartphone. I have write this article especially for newbies. If you are moving from another smartphone platform to the Android then this article will definitely help you to get settled down quickly and possibly in the Android.

Before start to begin, I just want to tell you about one thing. The screenshots which we have given below are just for example purpose only. It may vary with your actual screenshots. Because android comes with different flavors, it get vary depending on the manufacturer, model etc.

1. Use Adobe Flash “on demand”:

If you want to use the full web experience in your android smartphone then it is advisable for you to have Adobe Flash in your smartphone. While flash on a mobile device is not the big resource-eating monster some make it out to be, it does make web browsing a little bit slower.

Use Adobe Flash on demand

But you can easily fix that issue. Just open the web browser, and tap the menu key. Look through the menu until you find the settings. In the browser settings you will find an entry titled “Enable plug-ins.” Tap it, and choose on demand. After loading the webpage, by using this way, you will be able to tap any flash content to view it, and ignore any content you don’t want to view.

2. Set up your Home Screen:

You can put your own home screen by using widgets, shortcuts and folders. Widgets are a favorite of many you can find that for many thing. For example weather information, timings, alarms etc. You can get them from the Android Market.

Set up your Home Screen

Then some apps and folders will add items to the shortcuts menu, and give you a one-click way to perform the associated tasks. If you want to look what is included with your phone are anything you want to see that you have been downloaded, then just long press on a blank area of your home screen.

Choose the options from the list, and drop it somewhere it fits. If you change your mind, just press and hold on the widget, shortcut or folder and in a second or two you will be able to drag it down to the trash can. This doesn’t delete the app from your phone, it just removes the content from your home screen so, don’t worry.

3. Move apps to your SD Card:

You can easily move the apps to your SD card from phone so that your phones memory will not full. But remember one-thing you cannot move all the apps to your SD card; because the developer has to code them properly and things like widgets, live wall papers and anything else that needs to run as soon as the phone boots up shouldn’t be moved to the SD card at all.


But the things like Games and other big apps can be easily removed from phones memory to the SD card. If you don’t know how to move them, then know that from here. Just go to settings and choose the applications option and then choose the manage applications. Then select the app you want to move and tap it’s list entry. If it can be move, you will see a button that says “Move to USB storage”. Press it, and go!

4. Uninstall Downloaded apps:

Over thousands apps are available in the android market. You cannot use every single one. So, better uninstall the unwanted apps and have only you are using mostly. Because having large number of unwanted apps, will reduce the performance of your android phone and moreover it drains your battery worstly.

Uninstall Downloaded apps

Just press the Menu button and choose the applications from the list and press the manage applications and select the app you don’t want to use that’s it.

5. Change Your Screen Brightness level:

It is always essential to change the brightness level of your android screen. You can have this in the widget place and change that according to your wish. But keep in mind that if you increase the brightness of the screen upto certain extent it will drain your battery very worstly. So, set the brightness level wisely.

Change Your Screen Brightness level

Just go to the Settings Menu and choose the display and tap the brightness entry and from there you can either have the screen change the brightness depending on the surroundings (Automatic brightness setting), or uncheck it and use the slider to set it to a level that’s most comfortable for you.

6. Password of your Android Smartphone:

It is very much important to protect your smartphone from the wrong persons. Because, there is a chance to misuse your contacts and other personal details by others. So, it is advisable to always use pin number/password for that.

Password of your Android Smartphone

Not only by using pin number, but also by using various other options you can protect your smartphone from others. To get the Security options go to Settings > Security and give the pin number or password.

7. WiFi Sleep Policy:

Turn your Wifi off when you not use that. Because, if you turn them always it will drain your battery. It is a good tip for you to save your 2G/3G mobile. But you are in a situation to use the WiFi often then just follow my tip which I have given below. Am sure this too will help you to save your battery life.


First go to the Settings > Wireless and Networks > WiFi Settings. This is the place where you can choose what WiFi access point to connect to, but there’s also some options hidden. To see them just press the menu button again and choose the advanced option.

Then go to “Wi-Fi sleep policy”. Tap it, and set it to “Never”. What actually it does is keep your phone from switching to the 3G or 4G radio when the screen shuts off. These radios are the reason which sucks more power than the Wifi radio. If you set them as “Never”, it won’t sucks the battery life unnecessarily, so we can save more energy.

8. Enable “Sideloading”:

Sideloading means the installation of apps without going through the official Android Market. That in and of itself is by no means nefarious, as there are several other marketplaces and app stores for Android. There’s no need to root or jailbreak your new Android phone to do it, it’s a simple affair. Smell that? It’s called open.

Enable Sideloading

From your homescreen, press the menu button and choose application from the list. At the top of the screen, you will see an entry called Unknown sources. Check the box, and read the warning. The warning is real, so be mindful of what apps you are downloading.

9. Copy the ringtone to the right place:

Customizing your android phone with your favorite sounds is easy. Download a few in either .mp3 or .ogg format and save them on your computer. Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable and look for a folder named media.

Copy the ringtone to the right place

If you don’t have one, that’s not a problem-just create it. Inside the media folder, you can place your sounds in one of three places; notifications, ringtones or alarms.

Again, if those aren’t there just create them. Decide what your sound would be best suited as, and place it in the correct folder. That’s it. Now, unplug your phone from computer and check your phone. You will now see the custom sounds bundled in the menu with the built-in sounds, ready to use.

10. Setting individual volume levels for different alerts:

Setting individual volume levels for different alerts

In the android phone it is possible to set different volumes for different types of alerts such as alarms, notifications, ringtones, media etc. It is a great way to make sure you are going to hear your morning alarm, even if you have lowered the ringer volume for class or an important meeting.

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