Top 10 Free Antivirus for Android Phones

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Android phones are now known to be popular nowadays because of being useful for professionals and even to typical people. Android phones can offer a lot of useful applications unlike to other operating systems popularized to the market. With these, virus creators also managed to produce viruses which will directly hit Android users. In reply to this, popular companies started to produce antivirus programs for Android phones.

1. Avast Mobile Security:

Avast Mobile Security

This is the known best Android phone antivirus so far because aside from the fact that it promotes effective tools for better protection, it is 100 percent free. According to the producer of Avast Mobile Security, it can automatically scan the URL you are visiting thus, alerting you if you are getting into a threat. It can also provide you an instant firewall and can successfully stop hackers. It is also equipped with anti –theft features which are controllable by SMS and other built in tools.

2. TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security

TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security

This is also a powerful application which allows you to be informed instantly once malicious behaviors are garnered by your Android phone. It is strict in maintaining the privacy of your Android phone’s data. Also, you can access it through activating its Safe loud database.

3. Norton Antivirus and Security

Norton Antivirus & Security v2.5.0.404

Actually, Norton Antivirus and Security is not just for viruses but can also protect your phone from theft. Since Norton is known to be very effective as antivirus program for PC, it successfully transferred that reputation to its Android phone antivirus version.

4. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Free Antivirus or AVG Mobilation is a free Android phone application which is an expert in blocking possible threats trying to infiltrate your phone’s system. Aside from Android viruses, you can also be protected from known malwares and spywares and even from online exploitation.

5. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security

This Lookout Mobile Security is an effective mobile antivirus since it allows you to have daily or even weekly scans on all of the installed Android applications on your phone. If you are rooting for an effective yet free version of Lookout Mobile Security, then just settle with the basic version. However, the paid version can promote more security on your Android phone.

6. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security

The Bitdefender Mobile Security is promising with its faster scanning process. Also, it has an attractive user interface which also fits the attractive and modern look of Android phones’ interface. Bitdefender Mobile Antivirus also promises lesser battery consumption whenever you use it for scans.

7. ESET Mobile Security


ESET is popular with its heuristic detection and it successfully copied it to its mobile antivirus version. It promises to scan all your memory such as your phone’s internal memory and SD memory if available. It is also dedicated in scanning all your applications against viruses and malwares.

8. Zoner Antivirus Free

Zoner Antivirus Free

Zoner Mobile Antivirus is also a promising Android application as it can silently scan all your installed Android applications. It can also scan all the received SMS and MMS of your phone since it is now known to even be vulnerable on viruses and malwares. It also protects your Android phone from phone calls which may carry malicious threats.

9. Dr. Web Antivirus Light

Dr. Web Antivirus Light

Dr. Web Antivirus Light can also help your Android phone from garnering mobile viruses got from malicious mobile websites and even from infected computers and laptops. It can also alert you one it scanned a malicious activity on your phone and can allow you to heck on it. It can neutralize detected threats using its implemented scanner.

10. Avira Free Android Security

Avira Free Android Security

This is another free antivirus program for Android phones which specializes from protecting your phone from typical malwares and viruses. Also, it has an effective system in protecting your personal data on your Android phone from theft. Have it installed on your mobile for the basic security.

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