Top 10 Free Arcade Games for Android

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Android has been always perfect in offering free applications to its avid users. As of now, Android is very giving sine it now offers load of free arcade games. Even if those applications are free, quality I always there and unquestionable rated as the best free arcade games ever. The following is the list of 10 most admired free arcade games for Android.

1. Angry Birds:

Angry birds

This is a very popular Android app. Because of its popularity, Angry Birds are now copied to have its PC version for those who have no Android phone with them. Angry Birds is all about making it sure that the structure carrying the pigs will be destroyed by pulling the shooter and releasing the birds. It has a very simple interface the idea of the game is so awesome.

2. Bebbled:


This is a typical “3 similar objects then boom” game. Although very typical, the challenging part is that you need to finish or clean the whole window under its assigned time. This is originally developed by Nintendo. To earn more points in this game, do consecutive combos by pairing more than 3 similar objects or gems.

3. Red Stone:

Red Stone

If you are fond of playing stressful yet worth it games, then Red Stone is perfect for you. It is composed with boxes having different sizes. Your task is to let the red stone pass by and reach the other end of the screen. This game requires you to be intelligent to withstand the “getting more difficult” stages.

4. Newton:


This is a very challenging game wherein you are allowed to use your skills in Math and Physics. There are several objects available within the game in which you need to put them in places wherein you are able to shoot the target. Law of Gravity and Laws of Nature are used here. Since the developer is still in the process of updating the game, you can have this app for free.

5. Sketch Online:

Sketch Online

This is a fun and interactive application which allows you to compete with the other real time gamers. With this, there will be a particular player who will draw the subject he just received. The other players will now try to depict what’s that subject without writing any word. This is a very addictive arcade game for Android.

6. Drop:


This is a simple game which involves a ball needed to be dropped of to its final destination. This uses the accelerometer ability of most Android phones. Most people say that this tested the accuracy and effectiveness of Android’s accelerometer. This is another addictive arcade game.

7. Frozen Bubble:

Frozen Bubble

Looking to it, this is a typical game wherein you need to shoot a particular set of balls above. Keep in mind that the color of the bubble which your shooter is holding should be the same with its target. Make 3 similar colors of balls and that will explode. The game will finish until you removed all the hanging balls. There is a time limit so be fast and accurate.

8. Replica Island:

Replica Island

A Mario-inspired game wherein there is also a particular character who tries to collect the coins, bonuses, and beat the enemies. You can jump, walk, run, and crawl in this game by using the Android trackball.

9. Gem Miner:

Gem Miner

This is a game which involves digging for gems. You can upgrade your tools for better mining ability thus, giving your character more chances of digging precious gems. This game seems to be unlimited as all you have to do is to dig and dig. There are lots of cool maps and is using Android’s limited button.

10. ConnecToo:


This is a brain puzzle which is created to allow you match similar colors. However, you should end up having all the colors connected and make sure no box is left hanging. When it was first launched, this is a paid game but die to insistent demand, this is now a completely free game to download.

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