Top 10 Free Entertainment Apps for Android

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Android is known to offer a lot of fun Android applications. As a matter of fact, most of those applications are unique and Android OS is the only one which can offer it. With this, you need to be aware on some of the best Android apps dedicated for entertainment.

The list below is ranked from 1 to 10 according to their garnered reviews online:

1. Gigbox:


This is a cool Android app which detects your current location and notifies you if a concert around your area is going to happen. This is a helpful Android app for those who are fond of visiting live concerts. Also, it allows you to comment, share pictures, and rate the concert you just visited using Gigbox. Chatting with other people who use Gigbox as well is also applicable.

2. Flixster Movies:

Flixster Movies

Flixster is also a must-have Android app for those who are fond of watching the latest movies. It can detect your current location and lists down the theaters near you along with the offered movies to watch. You can also rate a movie by using Flixster movies and share it on Facebook. It also lists latest DVD releases of movies.

3. Pandora:


Pandora is created for music lovers. It is a virtual radio station which offers you the music of your favorite artists. If you are just starting out using this Android app, you will just type in your favorite artist and Pandora will automatically create a dedicated playlist for your desired artist.

4. Gmote:


This is a magnificent Android app which enables you to remotely handle the tasks to your computer. We are all aware that most of the Android phones available in the market today have huge touch screens making this app a perfect remote control to your PC. This Android app uses the WiFi technology to work.

5. Qik:


If you are fond of informing other about the happenings around you, then Qik is a great choice. This is an Android app which can start a live stream. According to the developer of Qik, setting up and streaming video using this app is very easy and may just take a couple of minutes. Just be sure you have a reliable mobile internet connection to avoid jerky video quality.

6. Twidroid:


Obviously, Twidroid is an Android app dedicated to Twitter. This is created to help Android users to conveniently visit the Twitter website, update the tweets, and be updated on the people being followed as well. It supports short links to post photos and even longer tweets. This is a free app but getting into its pro version can offer you its full abilities.

7. PicPush:


This is an Android app which allows you to upload and share multiple batches of photos online. This supports several popular photo sharing sites such as Picassa, PhotoBucket, Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly, and SmugMug. You can also accept or create phone calls while doing the upload or sharing of photos with this Android app.

8. Shazam:


Shazam is a cool Android app which can help you identify an unknown music along with its artist. You just have to turn on Shazam on your phone and put it nearer to the source of the unknown music. If in case the app does not have any information about it, it can give you some YouTube links which can be similar to the music you inquired.

9. PicSay:


If you have an Android phone with perfect camera resolution, then PicSay is a must-have. This will allow you to edit your photos instantly just after capturing them. After that, you also have the ability of sharing it online. This is an easy to use app and can be downloaded from the app store for free.

10. TuneWiki:


This is a pretty cool Android app which helps you to sing along with the music you are listening. It displays music on your screen. The lyrics are gained from the internet database. Although may not be always accurate, this is still a good catch for Android users.

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