Top 10 Free News Applications for Android

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You always need to be updated on the latest happenings around you. Whether you are a professional, student, or so whatever, having the Android apps which can help you updated on the latest news locally and internationally is a must-have. Most of these Android apps have their daily updates and can freely share news to you. You can check some of these Android apps from the official app store of Android.

1. USA Today:

USA Today

This is the official provided app by USA Today. Obviously, this is dedicated to the residents of USA. The app automatically updates you regarding the news, sports, finance, entertainment and many more. This is a free Android app making it a perfect catch for your Android phone. All the information which can be garnered from USA Today is accompanied by photos in HD.

2. CNN App:

CNN app

This is another great choice for a news app. This is loaded with news and features coming from its scattered CNN offices worldwide. This means that this app is not limited to an area only thus, it also covers most of the hottest international news. Also, this also offers news video clips to understand the content better.

3. NY Times App:

NY Times App

If you are fond of reading the “Times Newspaper”, then it is now copied into an Android app. However, it may limit you to several sections if you are a non-subscriber. For non-subscribers, they are just allowed to download and read the features on the Top News section and, the subscribers are allowed to browse on all the sections.

4. Pulse News:

Motorola Droid Pro

Unlike the previous shared Android apps, this does not have its own source of news but, it is an app which can help you garner the news coming from the different sources. This effectively shows all the hot news as it forms the interface into a mosaic of news. It also includes the links and photos of several news scoops.

5. Read It Later:

Read It Later

This is a helpful Android app in which you can save particular news to read later. This is perfect for those people who are too busy and at the moment, does not have much time to read the news. With the Read It Later app, you can access the online news without the needs of internet connection.

6. Bloomberg:


Bloomberg is obviously the provider of finance-related news. As of now, Bloomberg is available not just for Android phones but to tablets as well. Aside from the fact that it can provide the late finance news, it can also offer free business tracker in which you can have the real time records of the global market trends.

7. Sports Illustrated:

Sports Illustrated

This is also a helpful Android app but, no content is available for non-subscribers. Although it offers a limited trial period, you can always become a subscriber by paying 4 dollars every month. It can offer you the latest Sports news locally and internationally. Videos and photos are offered free to the official subscribers.

8. News 360:

News 360

This is an app which can help you garner all the latest news gained by some of the accurate news sources. Apart from providing the news, it can also provide the brief backgrounds of the subjects on some of the offered news. This also supports sharing to several social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk.

9. TIME:


Time Magazine is known to provide the freshest and most interesting news of today. With the help of its Android app, you can be updated on its latest news and interesting sections which the Time Magazine can provide.

10. Financial Times:

Financial Times

This is a handy Android app which divided its permissions into subscribers and non-subscribers. The non-subscribers can receive monthly free news and updates while the premium or official subscribers can receive the news and updates every day.

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