Top 5 Must Have Widgets for Your Android

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Widgets are really useful as shortcuts to some of the applications that we have installed on our device. In addition to acting as a shortcut widgets tend to offer some extra functionality that really helps out on a daily basis.

One might argue that widgets are really useless as they take up space on our home screen and also eat up the active RAM that would have been allocated to the running of some important applications.

So before we all go on deciding that widgets are really useless and everything let’s take a look at the top 5 widgets that you must have in your android device.


1.  Battery Widget:

This is the most useful widget to have been ever available on the android market. This widget displays the battery which is more accurate than the battery indicator of your device. In addition on clicking the widget you will be displayed a report on which part is consuming the most battery and you can toggle it off. You can even turn on and off the WI-FI, GPS, and Bluetooth right from the widget itself. This widget is available for free in the android market.


2.  AudioManager:

This is another useful widget. With this widget you can quickly access the volume controls of your phone right from the home screen without having to go into the settings. With the free version you can adjust your alarm, music, alerts, ringer, system and voice call volumes very easily. If you decide to get the Pro version which is available for just $1.99 then you can skin it and use it as a scheduler also.

This is a very handy widget which will eliminate the need to go into settings of each and every thing just to adjust the volume and best part is you can do anytime you want.


3.  Power Control:

This widget will be highly popular with people who want to get more out of their battery. Like the battery widget you can toggle on/off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. In addition to that you can even lock your screen orientation and also you can switch between 3G or WI-FI connectivity at the touch of a button.

Free version offer limited functionality but the pro version which is available for $1.49 offers much more features which is accessible right from your home screen.


4.  Evernote:

Everyone has their own note taking application but till date Evernote is the most favored note taking app among various android users. The best part of installing the Evernote app is that you get a widget with it and you can view your existing note or create a new note directly from the widget itself. You can quickly access your note or take notes much faster through the widget then opening the app.


5.  Calendar:

Calendar widgets are must have for any android user because it beats every time opening the calendar from your app drawer and also most of the calendar widgets that are available in the android market offers syncing with your Facebook account so you won’t be missing anyone’s birthday or any important event. More over this calendar widget is always open on your home screen so just a few swipes to view the calendar.


So there you go some of the must have widget on your android device. If you know anymore widgets that you must have on your android device then do let us know.

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  1. Randy Martin says:

    What’s the EXACT Name of the battery widget? I had it and it disappeared when Verizon upgraded by Thunderbolt. Do you know who created it?


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