Top 7 Cloud Storage Apps for Android

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Smartphone market is dominated by Android phones which come with limited on-board storage. Many smartphone manufacturers are trying to remove that and starts to offering online storage service powered by cloud servers. After registering to any such service, users can upload files from anywhere, so take a backup, restore and access the files from any platform.

The cloud based storage service offers capability to upload files, store them and even share with others and make them accessible from practically anywhere using a working Internet Connection. Out of the number of storage services offered for the Google Android OS based devices, we have selected these top five that offer best and simplest user experience.

1. Google Drive :

It cannot only be used for backing up and accessing your files but also for editing your documents on the go with a simple interface which even has Google Cloud Print integrated into it. And with all the nooks and corners of the original Google Docs covered, this app comes highly recommended.

2. Drop box:

It is a very famous free cloud service around the world. More than 45 peoples using it. It offers 2 GB basic free space for all and you can get 250MB free space for every person joints in dropbox through your referral. Its free service lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never e.mail yourself a file again! You can use dropbox in Windows, Linux, Mac and Mobile phones.

3. Box :

It offer free 5 GB online storage for life time. Also if you login or sign up from the Box for Android app, then you get free 50 GB storage for lifetime. This service allows you to view and access the files from any location through a computer or mobile phone. If you want to share files with others, then Box allows the user to send  the files as a link in e.mail or through instant messaging clients.

4. G Cloud Back up:

It is dedicated specifically for backing up and restoring almost all content for your device. It’s simple the app does not only backup all your media content and documents; but can secure your contacts, SMS and even call logs over to the cloud!

Everything is handled via secured connection for data transfer while there is also enough space for  free users at 1 GB for backing up significant content from your phone.

5. Ubuntu One :

This app which differentiates itself from the crowd with the power of integration. This app has a plug-in named U1 Files which can catch-up and upload your media files from an array of applications automatically, the moment it is taken. The instant auto upload is further aided by custom settings and the availability of nifty sharing options for various social networks and other online services. It is also offered with a free online storage of 5GB.

6. Wuala:

The Wuala for Android is the most secured option for cloud-storage if you are concerned about the sensitivity of your data privacy. It has a first hand encryption engine right in the app which effectively encrypts each and every upload before sending it over to the cloud-end. The security aspect of the device is so handled that even Wuala itself doesn’t really access your app lest it isn’t encrypted by the engine. The usual features for accessing, uploading and downloading your files on the cloud are present as well along with features for sharing and group-collaboration. The app is free to download.

7. SugarSync:

This app is quite similar to dropbox, but comes with some additional experience and features. It offers 5 GB of storage and comes with a Photo Optimization option which lets you synchronize your photos the moment you click them and store them in your virtual folders.

The app features music playback and also lets you upload multiple files at the same time. But one of the worst thing in this app is it does not offer search option.

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