Top 10 Password Management Apps for Android Devices

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Passwords are a basic online security tool which is used to prevent unauthorized access to online accounts and other sensitive information.

Unfortunately, passwords are not a foolproof means of protection, since any password can be cracked. But, we can avoid this by creating a strong passwords that are difficult to crack. We can use different passwords for each account, so that if one account password is hacked, the other accounts are still protected. Another good way is periodically changing the passwords. So, that no one can’t guess your password information.


But if we have different passwords it is very difficult for us to remember that. Especially if you have accounts in many social networking sites, cloud storage, accounts on online shopping sites, bank accounts in almost every bank and are an active member of several forums etc.

Unless having the photographic memory it is impossible for us to remember all those passwords without help. If you write them somewhere it is fine but if it is steal by someone or damaged by someone then it will be difficult for you to open those accounts.

So, one of the best way to protect your password is by using Password Management app. Actually, it is not available for all the devices but luckily Android users have that facility. Large number of Password Management apps are available in Google Play Store without any cost. Here we have given only top 10 password management app. So, let’s start.

1. DataVault:


It is one of the best app to store your passwords. It stores the confidential information related to credit cards, bank accounts, login accounts, memberships etc. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to store passwords and it is one of the most powerful technology to secure data.

2. mSecure:


It is a combination of password manager and digital wallet. One of the best thing of this app is it uses the password generator that creates unguessable passwords and the auto-lock that protects the app from prying eyes.

This app uses the ultra-secure 256bit blowfish encryption to protect personal information such as account numbers, usernames, passwords and more. Those who are concerned about data security in case the phone is lost or stolen can opt for the self-destruct option, which will be implemented if a hacker attempts to guess your password.

3. aWallet:


It is the other popular password management app. It uses the Data.crypt file to store the data. A built in editor is available for changing or creating new data categories with custom icons. Further it supports the backup and restore of the encrypted data file to the SD card or Android USB device on phone like Nexus S.

4. Passdroid:


In this app your passwords are protected by a master Password. So, you are required to remember that master password alone. Further, your passwords are preserved by strong cryptographic algorithms. So, it would be difficult to guess by others. Another best thing of this app is it does not require the internet access to use.

5. 1Password:


It hcan be accessed by any internet connected device. It also integrates with cloud storage services like DropBox to make your password managing experience as seamless as possible.

1Password can also be used to generate passwords. So, if you are sick of using common words like “ninja” or “1234” as your password, then it will find one that is virtually uncrackable. It allows the users to sort through login information by their title, domain and other information.

6. LastPass:


It is very similar to 1Password. But the main difference between them is in 1Password app your passwords are stored locally in your phone. But in LastPass it is stored on the LastPass servers. Another advantage with LastPass1 is that it now works with Google’s two-factor authentication system.

7. Keepassdroid:


It is the dedicated password app. Instead of walking users through the entire password adding process, it just allows the users to add information to an encrypted file on their smartphone.

Users can add their own groups of passwords along with default groups like email, banking, internet and other categories. Actually the user interface is much more difficult to use than the other password managers.

8. SplashId:


It serves as sensitive data vault to securely store all your personal information. It covers an extensive range of record types or categories and backs up of all your important passwords, registration codes, e-mail settings, insurance, prescriptions and more. It can be synced with PC/Mac using its desktop software, which is sold separately.

9. SafeWallet:


It is one of the simplest app to manage your passwords and secure your data. It stores all your passwords in one place by encrypting them as 256-bit data. It comes with support for Dropbox syncing. The interface is straightforward and has created two separate folders to manage your personal and official work.

10. NSWallet:


This app remains locked when not in use and automatically backups your information and stores it in a separate folder. An AES cypher algorithm insures that no one will be able to access your information even if your mobile device is lost or stolen.

So, guys download any one of these password management apps so, you will never have to worry about lost, forgotten or stolen passwords again.

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