Trend Micro Longevity Helping You To Extend Your Battery Life

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It’s very frustrating when you are using your phone and suddenly your alerted that your almost out of battery juice or you are using your device and you are worried about how long the battery will last because you still have some work to do.

We have posted different articles on how to achieve more out of our battery by either tweaking the settings of your device or installing certain app that will help to manage your device more efficiently. We also told you of two methods with which you can increase your battery life but still most users wouldn’t follow those methods as they are long.

Trend Micro is a very famous in the mobile world because they have provided numerous security solutions for android devices and now they have developed an app with a very simple user interface that will enable you to enhance your battery’s life by managing all the aspects of your device.

Trend Micro Longevity features two different options. One option is called Just-a-Phone mode that when activated turns your phone into a device that is only used for calling and texting. It will turn off wifi and Bluetooth completely and also show you the list of apps that are draining more battery.

The second option is called the Power Hog App Alert that will show you the list of apps that are draining your battery then you can either freeze those apps or completely uninstall them from your phone. Thus you can make your phone more efficient and save more battery power.

How To Use Trend Micro Longevity App

After installing the app you need to register with a valid email address and your country information. After you launch the app you will see the two options that we have mentioned previously.

The battery dial in front of you will let you know the status of your battery along with other information such as temperature, hours of usage remaining and current health.

When you enable the Just-a-Phone mode you will be presented with the list of all the apps that are running in the phone and will be asked which of the apps you want to stop. This mode will also reduce the brightness of the screen. You can save the settings so that every time you enable this mode you don’t have to select which apps to close.

When you enable the Power Hog App Alert you will be presented with a pie chart that shows the list of all the apps and services that are currently draining your battery. From this list you can either freeze or uninstall the app that is draining the battery with just a tap of a button.

When you go into the alert tab you can set the event in which the app should alert you in events when the battery is fully charged, when system resources are completely hogged or battery charge drops below a certain level.

If you have tried all the different battery saving apps from the Google Play Store and didn’t live up to your expectations then do give this app a try because it will definitely live up to your expectations.

Do let us know what kind of battery saving apps you are using and also what method you have employed to get the maximum out of your battery.

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