Tutorial to Swap Internal and External SD Card on the Samsung Galaxy Note II

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Swapping the internal and external SD card has always been a popular option. This type of modification is usually on older devices with limited internal storage, but some newer devices have received similar modifications as well.

In this tutorial you will find how to use the external SD as internal SD in the international Samsung Galaxy Note II and the US variants as well. Full credits will goes to the XDA Senior Member mattiadj who has come up with this work.

Swap Internal and External SD Card-1

You might have noticed that, whatever you installed in your Galaxy Note II will be installed in your internal SD card. It is limited to 16GB only. So, if you want to install some heavy games or some heavy app the internal memory became quickly full. If you have lots of free space in your external SD then you can easily swap them.

Here is the tutorial for that:


  • You will need an international Galaxy Note 2 with root, insecure kernel and kernel with init.d support.
  • External SD card class 4 or superior (you can try with class 2 also)
  • Rom with init.d support
  • File you want to attach


Mod for exfat SD Card for custom kernel

Mod for fat32 SD Card for custom kernel

Mod for exfat SD Card for stock kernel with init.d support

Mod for fat32 SD Card for stock kernel with init.d support


Disclaimer : Before start to proceed take a nandroid backup for all your datas in your device. Best android blog would not be held responsible/liable for anything that goes wrong in your device while following this procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.

Procedure :

    • First, format your external SD Card from your PC as fat32 or extfat.
    • Then copy the attached zip in your external SD. Choose the right zip. If you have formatted your sd as fat32 choose _fat32 version, if the filesystem is extfat choose _extfat version
    • After that go to recovery and flash the zip
    • Finally, reboot your device and enjoy the increase of memory storage by installing your favourite app or games.

Swap Internal and External SD Card

If your ROM does not support init.d then follow the given below instructions:

  • First, flash the correct mod.
  • After that install script manager from Google Play Store.
  • Then open the script manager, click on browse as root then ok
  • Choose the file name 11extsd2internalsd located in /system/etc/init.d and click on Script/Executable
  • Now, tap on Su, boot and save.
  • Finally, reboot your phone and enjoy!


  • If you want to access to your INTERNAL SD you have to go with astro or ES filemangaer or what do you wanto to /mnt/extSdCard
  • If you want to check how much space do you have; then go to memory info in settings and check but warning: the situation is inverted! The INTERNAL SD is seen as EXTERNAL and viceversa! This situation is present also when you attach phone to pc.
  • After the flash, if you don’t come from a clean rom installation, please copy all content of /mnt/extSdCard to /sdcard to avoid file conflicts and files lost. It is advisable to start from a clean ROM installation then install all apps.
  • And also advisable to flash this mod after the ROM before first boot. If the ROM flashed has not a kernel with init.d support follow this order : flash rom, flash kernel with init.d support, flash mod, reboot!

If you want to remove the mod then follow this guide:

  • Install from Play Store Es file Explorer and configure it with root acccess
  • Navigate into /etc/init.d
  • Delete 11extsd2internalsd
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  1. Dear Sir;

    Forgive me, I have no experience in phones or computers, therefore couldn’t understand a thing and I really got lost with all the videos and instructions all over the internet

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7100 16GB, as it says on the box, but I found that the memory is only 10GB and I need to extend this memory by a SanDisk micro SD 32GB class 4

    So, can you please tell me in simple language or instructions or even links to web sites in logical order of sequence how I can do it?

    One more thing, can it be done with a 64GB?

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