Twitter Fan Rejoice Twitter App Updated With New Features

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If you are a fan of twitter and an addict of the twitter and you can’t spend few hours without checking for new tweets about things that your friend have found interesting or about things that they have discovered to be fun.

Before the android app was available all of us used to log in using our twitter account by using either our computer or laptop. But now after the availability of android and the twitter app we can just open the app to start checking our tweets.

The android app was able to meet your twitting needs but the app wasn’t that great. But now a new upgrade to the app has been made available in the Play Store and this upgrade has many new important features including a completely redesigned UI and also many bug fixes.

The three places where the upgrade was worth it are:

  • Discover Tab now will allow you to search and find what you want very easily. All the tweets that your friends follow are marked as favorite in a very organized way.
  • Search section has been improved in the way that now you get auto-complete and also auto correction while tweeting. Now you don’t have to input a long username if you are searching for some one.
  • Push notification for your tweets. The tweets will be instantly made available as soon as someone marks them as favorite or is retweeted. You can even change the preference and disable push notification for retweets but still receiving messages when someone new has started following your account
  • They have also added support for 8 new languages which includes traditional chinese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, finnish, polish, Hungarian and thai

The user interface of the twitter app has been completely redesigned as a result the app feels a lot faster and is also smooth. The performance of the app also has been enhanced. You will be pleased with the response of the app.

Some users who have downloaded the upgrade have complained of certain bugs with the app but I think it has to do with the upgrading feature. Even the push notification has received many complains that its not working properly and is making the app force close.

But twitter has promised future updates for the bugs and hopefully will make the app more enhanced for the various users.

Do let us know what you think about the update and if you have used it then do let us know if the app functions well without any bugs or what.


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  1. Anjali Jain says:

    An update to the Twitter app would be great!  Happy to be know. 🙂

    • Sathishkumar Varatharajan says:

      Hi Anjali, I am feeling happy to know about the Twitter update for Android because the previous versions were just worse and it made my Twitter experience very bad.

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