Understanding Custom ROMs And Their Advantages

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If you have been reading our blog then you must have come across some guides that teach you to install custom ROMs or how to root your device to install custom ROM’s and to modify your device accordingly.

But the word ROM might be familiar to all the geek’s out there but what about normal people who have been just introduced into the android ecosystem and had their first exposure to all the android craziness? To get started for normal people lets explain what ROM. ROM stands is for Read Only Memory.

The ROM is stored in a separate area on the device which the device uses to boot up and function. You cannot modify the ROM since its read only but you can remove or replace it. To make understanding it easier you think of the ROM as an operating system for the PC.

If you install windows there is a specific way your PC functions but now if you format it and install Linux then your PC will function and behave differently. The same is the case with the android ROM’s or firmware they determine how a device behaves and what you can do it.

What Is A Custom ROM?

A Custom ROM is the firmware that has undergone several modifications so that it behaves and functions little differently than the official android releases. This can be done because Google has made the source code of android available for anyone who can play with and modify the OS according to their wish.

The modification of the source code can be carried out by normal developers or a community of developers who can incorporate new features to the android OS and modify it also so that it looks and works great.

There are many developers who are working to bring custom ROM to many android device and the most popular community of developers are Cyanogen Mod, AOKP and Android Revolution. The advantages of having custom ROM in your device is that you get updates quickly and also have new features built into them.

Now don’t think that the official developers of android firmware are highly paid by Samsung or HTC are much better than the normal community of developers. They aren’t it just depends on the persons taste and also how much he can modify the ROMs. The best part about these communities of developers is that they accept your ideas and put it into development.

I myself am using the Cyanogen Mod ROM which is very fast and also easy on the battery. It offers plenty of customization and also you can modify how the OS behaves to your liking right from the settings menu.

Available Custom ROMs

1. Cyanogen Mod they are the most popular aftermarket custom firmware and they produce a minimalistic and speedy ROM.

2. AOKP another popular custom ROM which is rising in popularity but the only drawback is that they don’t have support for wide range of devices but the list is growing. Visit their website to find out more information on them.

3. Android Revolution HD features one of the best looking custom ROM which is lightweight and also easy on the battery.

Why You Should Use Custom ROMs

  • Regular Releases: with custom ROMs you don’t have to wait month after month for some new updates which will improve the user experience and also make the OS more efficient.
  • You can install different type of Custom ROMs with ease without any worry once you have rooted your device. You can even install the stock firmware that your manufacturer releases.
  • Best part of installing custom ROM is that you need to root your device and as a result you can gain access to more features and unlock the full potential of your android device.


So we hope that you have a clear understanding of the Custom Rom and what benefits you get by installing and using a custom ROM in your device. Do let us know which custom ROM you are using and which one you prefer in the long run.

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