Unlock, Root And Install Apps In Google Nexus Q [How To]

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Google Nexus Q is a new device released by Google in its I/O Conference this month, can now be unlocked and rooted using the tutorial given below. We can also install apps on this device with the help of these instructions.

The method used for unlocking the device is the same as the other Nexus devices, fastboot oem unlock. Please note that unlocking and rooting your device will void its warranty. If you want to reclaim it, then you have to install the official firmware update again.

Also note that unlocking and rooting Google Nexus Q is pretty easy, but installing apps on this device involves some tedious process as there is no interface at all. Also for unlocking and rooting the device, you will need to have ADB installed on your computer. Without it, Nexus Q can’t be unlocked and rooted.

Important: We will not be held responsible for any damages which might occur to your device while following these instructions given below for unlocking, rooting and installing apps.

How To Unlock Google Nexus Q

    • Open command prompt in your computer. Once done connect your device to the computer with the help of original USB data cable.
    • Now enter the commands given below one by one.

cd platform-tools

adb reboot bootloader

fastboot oem unlock

  • The unlock process will run for several minutes and in the end, your Nexus Q will be unlocked.

Once you have unlocked your device successfully, proceed on to the next tutorial which will let you to root your device.

How To Root Google Nexus Q

    • Ensuring that your device is still connected with the computer, open the command prompt in your computer.
    • Now enter the command “adb reboot bootloader” in your computer. The LED will turn to Solid Red color. Hold your hand over the mute LED when it boots up and wait for the same to turn Solid Red.
    • Once done, enter the command “fastboot devices” followed by “fastboot oem unlock” for unlocking the Nexus Q bootloader.
    • Now run the fastboot oem unlockaccept quickly. The device will erase all the existing data and it will reboot.
    • Its time to pair your Android device with Nexus Q. Now allow the device to enter into the debug mode using the settins. Once done, place the boot.img file which modifies default.prop with the following values.



  • Once all the steps mentioned above are done, download the Nexus Q Boot Image file to your computer. Upon successful download, open the command prompt in your computer and enter the following command “adb reboot-bootloader”. Now enter the “fastboot boot nexusq-boot.img” command to start the Nexus Q device with root permissions.

That’s just it. Now you have successfully unlocked and rooted your Google Nexus Q device. Now lets move on to the next tutorial where we will discuss how to install apps in the device.

How To Install Apps In Google Nexus Q

    • Before getting started with this procedure ensure that your device is unlocked and rooted. Otherwise this trick will not work.
    • Now enable USB Debugging in Nexus Q. This can be done by running the Nexus Q app on another device followed by pairing with the Q, and then going to the advanced settings and enable USB debugging.
    • Now enter the following command in command prompt to launch apps.

adb install path/to/app.apk

    • Once done, enter the following commands one by one to install apps on Google Nexus Q.

adb shell

am start package.name/.Activity name

am start com.android.settings/.Settings

am start com.netflix.mediaclient/.UIWebViewActivity (for netflix)

am start com.rovio.angrybirds/com.rovio.ka3d.App (for angry birds)

There you go! Now you have successfully installed apps on your Google Nexus Q.

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