Update Galaxy ACE S5830 With Gingerbread XWKPY 2.3.6 Firmware [How To]

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Samsung Galaxy Ace Users can now cheer up and roll their sleeves up to update their devices with the newly released Gingerbread XXWKPY 2.3.6 firmware. We will also check a detailed tutorial to apply the update. Be aware that this is a stock firmware and not a Custom ROM firmware.

Presently, we do not have any information about the exact time period by which this update will be made available by OTA or KIES. In fact, this update is a good choice for all those people who have desired a stable update rather than other buggy update where even Camera doesn’t work.

Important: We and even the developer won’t be responsible for any damage that takes place to your device while following these steps.

Pre-requisites to Update Galaxy ACE S5830 with Gingerbread XWKPY 2.3.6 Firmware

  • The tutorial we would see today is compatible only with Galaxy Galaxy ACE S5830. So, make sure you try this tutorial only on this device, not any other device by any company.
  • You must take back-up of all the internal data present in your phone like Logs, Contacts, messages, etc. with the help of backup applications.
  • Battery should be charged enough in order to apply this update. 60% minimum is recommended from our side otherwise your phone may get switched off while the update process.
  • Disable all antivirus suites in your computer as well as mobile so that update process may not get interrupted.
  • Make sure USB debugging is enabled in your mobile. If not, you can do it by following the path – “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging” and after that USB debugging would be enabled in your phone.
  • Now just make sure you follow the corresponding instructions properly.

How to Update Galaxy ACE S5830 with Gingerbread XWKPY 2.3.6 Firmware

  • Grab the XWKPY Firmware Package  from here to your Computer. And extract it so as to get a .tar file. Next, download Odin and after that open it in your computer.
  • Now you need to enter your device into download mode which can be entered by pressing and holding Volume Down key + OK Key + Power button till the time you see a green robot on your phone confirming that you entered into download mode.
  • Make sure you have Opened Odin in your computer.
  • Now connect your android phone to computer while ensuring Odin is open in your computer.
  • As soon as you connect your phone to the computer, the ID: COM section in Odin will turn Yellow.
  • Click on “OPS” tab to select “Cooper_v1.0.ops”, tick mark on “One package” option. Up next, you will have to select the file “S5830XWKPY_S5830XWKPA_S5830XEUKP1_HOME.tar.md5” by clicking on “One Package” tab. After selecting the files, finally click on ‘Start’ button in Odin to start the process of firmware update.
  • The process would take few minutes to complete. After it is done, the phone will reboot on its own and after you see the home screen on your device and as soon as it asks language settings, disconnect your phone by removing the USB cable.
  • Now turn off your phone and enter it into recovery mode by pressing a combination of these buttons: Menu + Power button.
  • In recovery mode, select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and ‘wipe cache partition’ so that you can clear the cache.  Now select ‘Go back and then reboot system now to restart your phone into normal mode.
  • And you have successfully rooted your device.

Congrats, you have now successfully Updated Galaxy ACE S5830 with Gingerbread XWKPY 2.3.6 Firmware.

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  1. My ace has DDKQ8 Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware,what is the difference between this one and the above stated one,can i apply this update,thanks

    • Isma Vázquez says:

      yes. i have a same query, really have any difference?

      • Sathishkumar Varatharajan says:

         Hi Isma & Lulu, there isn’t too much difference from the two Custom ROM’s expect both of them are from two different coders. If you have one, you don’t need to go for the other one.


  2. почему прошило только до версии 2.3.3?)

  3. Bulahit thats 2.3.3 old firmware .

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