Use Your Android Phone To Control Robots

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If you have been following the latest news in technology and development then you must have come across various articles which talk about many different forms of robots that are being developed and tested.

Many of the robots that are being developed are usually for either entertainment purpose or industrial purpose. But the most fun you get from the entertainment robots and they are most joy to watch. Moreover you can control the actions of those entertainment robots fright from your phone.

Yes you heard me right you can control those robots using your android phone with apps that are designed especially for the robots. All you need to do is install the app and control the actions of the robot wirelessly.

You will be amazed at what the tech experts have come up with and don’t worry you won’t see any human form android being controlled by people anytime soon. So read on to find out what kind of robots you can control using your android phone and literally blow your mind.

1.  Android Robot:

If you have always imagined the little green android logo to be actually present in this world and doing everything similar to what your android phone is doing then you don’t have to wait any longer because the little green guy has been developed by a Japanese tech company.

The android robot isn’t up for doing complex actions but you can still control it through your phone. The little green guy is really cute and you can make it move with your phone. Also the robotic sound that it makes is really cool. Looking at the rate of development you can be sure that one day Google will put it for sale so you can enjoy playing with this cute little guy.


2.  Control Toy Car With Nexus One

Now you will be saying that controlling toy car with your phone has been available since the day Iphone was released. But that’s not the point because if IPhone can do it so can Android phones. So now you can download an RC car app from the android market which will allow you to control toy car.

The app is very easy to use you can set it up easily and it uses the Bluetooth to control the toy car. Having such an app in your device along with a RC will definitely bring out the child in you. So do give this app a try and see the fun you can have with it.


3.  Mindstorm NXT Android Robot:

Well you read about the little green android robot and now you can control lego toys with your android phone via the Bluetooth. Yes dear readers LEGO toys you can also control them easily with the help of the NXT android robot.

This shows that android has been progressing fairly quickly and in the right directions. You can expect lots of advancement and integration with android which will allow you to perform more complex action using just your phone rather than just simple playful actions.



So there you have some of the android robots that you can control using your android phone. After reading this article you will be amazed at the technological advancement that android is offering.

Do let us know which one is your favorite android robot and what you can expect from android in the future.


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