Valentine Day’s Apps That Will Make Android’s Fall For Each Other

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and with everyone being in a festive mood share this love with your android device or between other android devices.

This article will provide you with some of the best valentine day android apps that will set the mood for your red day affair.

1.  M.A.S.H:

MASH which can mean either married, acquaintances, soulmates, happy OR mansion, apartment, house, shack; is a fun game that will take you back to your youthful days where you used to predict about your future partners or future about your crushes.

No matter if you are spending the valentine day with your date or with your group of friends do give this app a try as it will make the day more fun and enjoyable.

You can also share the result of the app with your friend via email or SMS. If you opt for the full version of the app you get the feature to add questions and save the predictions within the app.


2.  Wish Your Valentine:

Need tips on how to treat your loved one with utmost care and show your affections through personalized e-flowers and messages then this is the perfect Valentine’s Day app for you.

This is an all-rounder app for the Valentine’s Day which will make sure to show that you really care for that special person no matter how far or how busy you are.



3.  Ways To Say I Love You:

If you looking for ways to get your inner thought across to that special person but don’t know how to put it into words or looking for inspiration then this is the perfect app for you.

It is a very simple app that contains many different romantic lines and you can either practice them so you can say it out loud or you can just directly send it to your loved person just by pressing the share button.


4.  I Love You In 24 Countries:

If you still looking for the perfect way of saying I love you even after going through love quotes then why don’t you give this app a try, this app contains the word I love you in 24 different languages.

It’s a very fun app to use but you need to spare some storage space on your device. If your special is still not convinced then you can upgrade to I Love You in 40 Countries and try out other variations you may get lucky.


5.  Photo Heart Locket:

You can give your device a Valentine’s Day overhaul with this live wallpaper app. You can take the picture of your loved one and set in the cute heart shaped frames right on your home screen.

Now whenever you swipe your home screen there will be a burst of heart and every time you click something there will be kiss marks. You can even do further customizations to the wallpaper.


There you go some of the apps that is sure to make your Valentine’s Day more fun and who knows you might end up making one or two precious memories as you and your loved have fun with the apps.

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