Vault-Hide : An App to Hide SMS, Photos, Videos, Contacts , Facebook Messages in Android Mobile

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Everybody needs some privacy to hide their personals from others. If you too want to hide your personal messages, contacts, photos and videos from others you can do the same with the help of Vault-Hide app.


Vault-Hide app:

It is a password protected app which was created by the popular developers NQ Mobile to hide photos, videos and SMS on Android. It allows you to hide your important stuffs which you want to keep personal on your android. Further, it also allows you to hide private contacts which remain secured in the app.

The additional feature which works only when you are online is its hiding your Facebook messages. Many a times it happens that you have some private conversation messages on your Facebook account and you want to hide them all so that no one can access them on your Android. With this Android Vault-hide app you can easily hide Facebook messages on your Android.


Once you launch this app, it will ask you to set the password. After that it will automatically identifies the photos, videos, call logs, SMS and contacts saved on your android. Just click the appropriate tile to save the stuff accordingly.

For instance: if you click on photo tab of the app, it will import all the photos from your photo gallery and then allows you to select from the multiple photos which you want to hide. This is how you can hide all your personal stuff on your Android.

Most of the android apps allows you to hide only photos and videos but this app is entirely different it allows you to hide SMS, Contacts and Facebook messages also along with photos and videos. I think, this is one of the peculiar feature of this Android Vault app.

So, if you thought to install this Android Vault hide app in your android mobile then get it from here and also don’t forget to tell us how you feel secured by using this app.

Features of Android Vault app:

  • It is available at no cost.
  • It is very simple and easy to use and setup.
  • Automatically identifies the stuff which you want to hide.
  • The app is secured by a secure password.
  • Hide photos, videos, SMS, Contacts, Call logs and personal contacts on your android.
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