Veho Pebble Battery Pack Charger Now Available on Amazon

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Veho has released the Veho Pebble Portable 5000mAH Battery Pack Charger on Amazon. The pocket size Pebble portable battery pack will charge all popular mobile phones, including the iPhone, as well as all generation iPods, digital cameras, camcorders, GPS, Nintendo DS, PSP plus many more.

The charger is capable of adding somewhere around 1,250 hours of standby to most smartphones or 125 hours of continuous music playback if you like spending your time without power listening to music.

One of the most convenient feature of the Veho Pebble Battery pack is its auto shut off feature. It is employed when your device is done charging to prevent problems like overcharging and short circuiting. This will also prevent the charger from using all its power on a charged phone.

It is equipped with 12 adapter tips that work with most popular USB devices, including iPhone, iPod, Android smartphones, compact digital cameras, camcorders, GPS devices, Nintendo DS, PSP, etc. The six hours of charge time will give weeks of portable battery life. Each of its purchase comes equipped with a neoprene carrying case.

In what situations would the Veho Pebble Battery Pack be useful?

It will be more useful when the unexpected natural disasters are occur or pretty much any activity or trip you plan on taking where phone charger access is not readily available. It is available at very decent price range $29.99.

Key features:

  • Pocket size
  • Complete with all adapters for most popular devices
  • Auto shut off power saving mode
  • Huge capacity 5000mAh, (about 400% of 3Gs iPhone battery life capacity)
  • Includes neoprene carry pouch
  • Charges your device giving you upto 1200 hours standby (depending on device)

Adapters included:

  • 1x Nokia old
  • 1x mini USB/Motorola
  • 1x Apple iPhone3G 8GB/16GB/iPod
  • 1x Sony mobile phone connector
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