Volume+ App Helping You Improve Your Volume

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Most of the users of galaxy nexus have been complaining of low volumes in their device while listening to music. Even though they have maxed out the volume on their device still the volume is less. This problem is not present only in galaxy nexus there are other devices also and no matter which headphone you end using still the volume is low.

Well if your one of those users who has been complaining of low volumes then a solution has been released in the android market. It’s called VOLUME+ and it is a volume enhancement tool.

Currently this app is only available for the devices that are running android 4.0 but the developer has promised that he will be releasing an update that will provide compatibility to all other android versions. Although the developer has noted that you can try this app on your device even if its running gingerbread and it will work with amazing results.

Volume+ will enable you to enhance the volume of your device whether you are using headset, Bluetooth headset, devices speakers or in call volume. You can modify each of them separately all to your choosing.

For most of the user it’s a hassle to tinker with all these separate settings manually so they can just choose from one of the many default equalizers that the app will offer.

If you have decided to use this app on your device then after installing:

  • Navigate to settings
  • Then to sound
  • Music effects
  • Select Volume+

After launching the app you will be presented with a step by step tutorial that will help you to start modifying the different aspects of your devices volume.

The different settings have been tested on a galaxy nexus device and the results are very satisfactory. The app performs its job of enhancing the volume. You can either stick to the recommended settings that the app provides you with or you can modify some of the settings to your liking. You can set the different levels of different components of sounds so that you get more clarity. You can opt for more clarity of voice then background noise and other such settings.

The good part about the default settings is that they are able to provide you with optimum settings for your device. Sometimes the settings that we make either turn out to be very uncomfortable or hard to reset to the original. It’s best to stick with the default settings for optimum performance of the app in your device.

This app is available in the android market for free and future updates and app fixes are going to become available so users don’t have to be worried much. You can be guaranteed that now after installing the app you won’t have to face the problem of low volume anymore.

SO head to android market and download the app.

App Features are:

  • Virtual room effect
  • Personalized equalizer
  • Custom maximum volume level
  • Bass enhancer
  • Echo level.
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