Want To Play Racing Games On Android? – Below Are Best 5 Games To Play

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Android is well known by its outclass apps and features which makes users crazy. Android has a vast market of apps and continuously making new apps for its users. A few years ago, people used big screens for playing games but now many people have smartphones for this purpose.

All the worldwide famous games have mobile phone versions. If you are an Android user and you love to play racing games then you must read below about best five racing games for Android users.

1. Need For Speed Shift


NFS is a well-known racing game in the world of car racing games and also have a big number of fans. NFS is now a part of the gaming world of Android and successfully recreates its trademark on Android OS. NFS Android version increases the excitement of racing lovers.

2. Fast Five


fast five

A racing game full of excitement based on a very famous Hollywood movie Fast Five. This game gives the best racing action and if you like movies then you will love this game. If you don’t want to see the scenes from the movie during playing game you can skip them and get the uninterrupted fun of game. As you make progress you will transfer to next levels with new environments and challenging tracks.

3. GT Racing

This game has a world of racing game in itself and gives you a feeling of a real racing game. When you enter in the game you are a child but this game makes you a champion of racing. When you will play this game, it will make you addicted of it or you will become addicted of this game automatically.

There are two options for making progress in this game. First, play all the games, pass all the levels and the second option is spend real money to buy your way to top position. Many people actually spend real money to make their level up in GT racing. IF you are a racing lover and a good player then you should follow first way to increase your rank and prove you excellence.

4. Asphalt 6

This game has the best functions of different racing games which makes it a paradise of car racer. In this game, player can get licensed cars by defeating other racers and its graphics gives it the touch of real life. All the features of this game prove Android a best gaming platform.

5. Drift Mania Championship

Some players like drifting more than racing and it give them more fun. A drifter knows the excitement of drifting very well. Android provides best drifting experience with Striking graphics. Drift mania is one of the best games in the list of Android Racing Games and on the top of other drifting games.

Android developers always try to provide best apps and games to their users. There are thousands of games for Android users but these are the best five which every game lover should have on his/her Android device. These games give a full action of racing games and makes players addicted of them.

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