Want To Receive Your Text Message On PC? – Use MightyText Android App

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The meaning of having a smartphone is that, your handset is able to do all those smart things that you need. If you wanted to receive your SMS messages from your Android smartphone to directly at your Desktop then you can do it with the help of MightyText easily.

Personally, I used to feel panicked every time there was a text message on my handset while I was working on my PC. I always used to wonder, what if I can receive all these messages on my computer just like I receive my emails on my Android Smartphone.


I decided to search for such apps that can be used to divert SMS messages from an Android device to computer. However, after using some of the Apps, I was really disappointed. I had never though that finding such app will be a big headache for me.

However, finally I found MightyText that is a great Android application with the help of which you can receive all your SMS messages on your computer if you have Chrome Web Browser installed in it. There is no desktop client available for this app so far.

Installation On Android Smartphone

First of all, you have to install the app on your Android Smartphone. You can simply visit the Google Play Store from your handset or form your computer and search for MightyText. Once you have located the app, read the instructions and guidelines carefully.

If you are satisfied with the process how this app works then you can click on “Install” button. Depending on your data connection speed, the app will be installed in your Smartphone in a few seconds or minutes.
Once you have got the app installed in your smartphone, it is the time to move towards the next step that is described below.

Installation Of Chrome Extension

Once, you have downloaded and installed the MightyText app on your Android Smartphone, it is the time to install its Chrome Extension too. Keep in mind that Chrome doesn’t support plugins but you can install extensions and apps from chrome store.

You will receive an email from MightyText with a link to download the chrome app too. Just click on that link and you will land directly on the page from where you can install MightyText on your Chrome Web Browser by Google.

In a few seconds or minutes, the app will be installed in your Google Chrome. You can see the icon of MightyText appearing on the top right corner of your toolbar. This indicates that the app has been successfully installed in your browser.

Finally, you have to synchronize your Android Smartphone with your Chrome browser via same app “MightyText”. Once the installation of app on both of your devices is completed, it will start integrating both devices. The synchronization process is automatic; you don’t need to do anything.

After syncing, all your text messages will be delivered to you on your computer with the help of MightyText app installed in Google Chrome.

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