Why Choose An Android Phone?

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Is it your first time buying a smartphone or you’re a previous owner of a smartphone and looking for an upgrade then you will be curious to know about different mobile platforms that are available. You can ask various people about what the best smart phone platforms and you will get mixed response some recommending iPhone while others pointing you towards Android and windows mobile phone 7.

But ultimately the decision rests with you and what you’re more comfortable with. As you read on you will find that the three platforms has been divided according to various factors as follows:

Android Phone

1. Total Apps:

Well if you’re concerned about number of applications that are available and whether you will find one suitable for your needs or not then you don’t have to be worried as there is always an app that will come useful to you. iOS has the largest number of apps till date with an estimate of almost 500,000 apps than comes android with a total of 380,000+ apps in the market and in third place comes the windows phone with a mere 43,000+ apps.

Android also give you the option of installing 3rd party apps without any modification to your device or voiding your warranty. There are loads of third party apps available which are quite useful. On the other hand to install 3rd party apps on iOS you need to jailbreak it and which voids your warranty. Although some apps require rooting your android device but those provide extra functionality which won’t affect you if you miss out on them. So it’s the obvious choice that android offers more in terms of app freedom.

2. Multi-Tasking:

Many power users complain that android offers true multi-tasking but other operating system do not. But that’s not mostly true because all three operating system offers some form of multi-tasking which is more advanced in android. Now with the release of Android 4.0 ICS multi-tasking is taken up another level and provides you with more control which is similar to that found on your windows machine.

3. Search:

Being a Google operating system android is tied to Google and majority of people are happy with it as Google is used widely for search as it provides accurate results. Windows phone 7 is tied with Bing and people aren’t happy about it. As for iOS is concerned there is no search party attached to it instead you have to open the browser for anything you want to search which becomes a long and tedious process.

4. Third Party Keyboard Apps:

Sometimes typing on a virtual keyboard isn’t very comfortable because either the keys are too small which results into many typos or the dictionary is just plain annoying. Well android is the only platform that gives you the option to modify your virtual keyboard according to your choosing without voiding your warranty. There are numerous innovative keyboard in the market which you can use for free.

There are lots of comparisons one can make between the operating systems but in this article the most obvious things are listed which an ordinary user would mostly look for. But the last choice stands with you. Android offers more open user oriented experience which lets you modify the user experience to your choosing.

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