Why You Should Avoid Buying Cheap Android Smartphones

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There are lots and lots of budget oriented android smartphones being released by many major manufacturers and one prime example would be the Samsung Galaxy Young.

Sure cheap android smartphones can save you a lot of money and also with those phones you are able to do almost everything that you could do with a high end droid. But is it worth it to save on a phone when you know that soon you will end up replacing the phone as it no longer suits your needs.

If you are looking for a phone with which you could perform the basic functions of calling and texting then you should stick with a feature phone instead of spending on a budget friendly android phone. In this article we look at some of the reasons why you should avoid purchasing a cheap android phone.

1. Touchscreens Are Of Low Quality

The touch screens that are present on the cheap android phones are of very low quality. They have resolution which is even inferior to the HVGA resolution and let’s not forget about the touchscreen sensitivity issue.

Yes often the screens aren’t responsive to your touch and also you don’t enjoy the real Android experience. Even the pictures and texts appear very pixelated and also they are not vivid which just takes the fun out of it. We guarantee that you will be annoyed and bored pretty quickly.


2. Single Core Processor

If you have been keeping track of the advancement in the mobile processing power then you would know that dual core processors have been available for more than a year now and this year we see the release of the Quad core processors. As a result more and more number of apps are becoming available in the android market which take advantage of the dual or quad core processors.

If you go for a cheap android smartphone then you get a single core processor which are clocked well below 1Ghz as a result you won’t have enough processing power to run the new apps that will be available in the android market next year so you will be at a clear disadvantage.


3. Insufficient RAM

Most of the devices that are being released are either having a minimum of 512MB or 1GB of RAM. That’s because now Google has raised the limit of Google Play Apps by 4 GB as result more RAM hungry apps are being made available which require a minimum of 1GB of RAM to run properly.

With a cheap android phone you get RAM capacity which is even below 512MB limit and as a result you will often face lag in your device and also can’t perform multitasking because android will kill the apps to make room for the current running app. Moreover you won’t be able to enjoy the new apps that are being released in the Play Store.


4. Build Material Are Of Low Quality

Owning a smartphone which has a good feel to it and is sturdy is very important because on occasions we do drop our smartphones and they end up getting bruises and scratches. But the problem with cheap android phone is that the materials used to construct the devices are of low quality to save on costs. So you often end up with some serious injuries on the phone and also in certain areas you can get a squeak out of the phone.


The display isn’t also well protected with some scratch resistant material or gorilla glass. So you end up with many scratches on the display which ultimately leads to frustration.


5. No Android Updates

This is one of the most important reasons why you should really avoid purchasing a cheap android smartphones. Manufacturers always make sure to release updates to their high end smartphones and as a result improve their performance.

Budget oriented smartphones never receive any sort of updates mostly because the manufacturers claim the poor specs of the phones will not be able to handle the update.


There you have some of the top reasons why you should really avoid cheap android smartphones. If you are planning to go buy a budget oriented phone then refrain from doing so because in the long run it will be a loss for you.



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