Word Lens Is Now On Google Play To Translate On Androids: A Competitive Advantage Over Google Goggles.

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A mobile translator app which can translate any picture of text where you are traveling abroad and don’t know the local language is like a very important to have app on your android phone.

It has not been much long before when we saw bunch of such app in different smartphone to prove that how much convenient your life can be if you have a smartphone on your hand.

Now here I am about to talk about the app named Word Lens which was first introduced on iPhone app store and obviously the response from user was pronounced with some limitations mentioned too.

After almost two years Word Lens is going to be on Google Play to serve Android users. As this is going to serve android users which are owned by Google I have to talk about a Google approach similar to word lens while talking about Word Lens app.

Word Lens VS Google Goggles- Offline is better than cloud

You might have seen App like Google Goggles on use; they can capture the translation of any photo into your own language. But there are some limitations with Google Goggles on recognizing all the things. But one thing needs to mention here with a little bit stress, Google Goggles is an entirely cloud based application.

Yes, it works with Google server when you put any picture or text into the app by your phone camera the app sends the input to Google OCR server to recognize and then that is passed to Google translation server to translate into your own language.

So,  it is very simple to understand that if you are somewhere you can’t get any connection, may be any remote place,  the Google Goggles won’t be able to connect with its server and so on you won’t get the translation you need.

So, now it’s pretty much clear that you need something which works alike Google Goggles and does not uses cloud server to give you the translation you want.

The Word Lens is perfect in this sense, this app doesn’t need any server connectivity to run and you can use it even if your very remote place of the world.

Another competitive advantage you can get from Word Lens is its speed. It’s much faster than Google Goggles and the reason is also understandable here. Google Goggles needs to send data to cloud and Word Lens doesn’t and Words lens translates on fly, immediately it sees anything through your camera lens.

One thing I have to mention here about the cost of Word lens. Once you will get it from Google Play and install it on you very new Galaxy S3 or may be on Nexus 7 tab you will get support of 4 languages by default. These are English, French, Spanish and Italian. Now if you want some other languages then you have to buy  the language pack with $4.99. But I think it’s worth to have with 4.99 bucks.


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