Worried About Health? – Here Are Top 5 Health & Fitness Apps For Your Android Phone

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We all are worried about our health these days. Especially in the current circumstances where there is almost no physical activity at all in our lives. If you want to find a way out of it, you could easily pave your own way with the help of following android health & fitness apps.

If you didn’t know the let me tell you that there are some great health & fitness apps available in Google Play Store. You can download and install those apps in your android device to bring some positive change in your life.

We all like to have a healthy lifestyle, don’t we? However, the smartphones, computers and tablets have made our life stuck to the virtual world. What if the same devices could be used in a productive way for your health and fitness? It would be a great idea. So, let’s take a look at top 5 health & fitness apps for an android phone.

1. Cardio Trainer

If you are a runner but you want to know what effect that running has on your body then cardio trainer by WorkSmart Labs Inc. is specially designed for you. This app will track the miles you run, the pace you keep, calories you burn while walking, biking and exercising. There is voice notifications that will keep you updated about your progress.

Graphs created by app keep telling you if you are doing good or not. There is no better work out companion in android market so far as compared to cardio trainer.

2. Calorie Counter

Want to track your calories? Are you sick of the charts that tell you how much calorie a particular food item contains? Well, you don’t need to read those charts again as Calorie Counter can easily tell about the calories contained by any food item.

3. First Aid Assist

Want to learn different first aid procedure so you can use them if required? This app has more than 40 first aid procedures that be helpful for anyone. These procedures are reviewed by British Red Cross and you can view them on your android smartphone.

I often use this app to keep myself updated about the most common first aid procedures. It is a nice way to keep yourself ready for any bad incident where you can be helpful.

4. Brainwave Turner

Do you think that your brain is not working properly? There is a possibility that your brain waves are not moving in right direction. By listening to this app, you can easily get your brain waves moving towards right direction.

This app is helpful for people having headache, depression, anxiety or sleep disorders. There are different sound patterns for different situations.

5. Stop Smoking

Are you thinking to quit smoking but somehow, you are not successful in this task? Well, this app can be a great companion for you if you are willing to quit smoking finally.

Many similar apps are available in Google Play Store but above mentioned 5 apps are top 5 health & fitness apps so far. If you use these apps properly, you can definitely change your life and gain good health in a few months.

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