ZTE Mimosa X: The Best Nvidia Silicone Midrange Android Phone

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In one of our previous posts about Best midrange android phones of 2012 we mentioned about the ZTE Mimosa which is aimed people who aren’t looking for spending big bucks on a top end droid.

We also mentioned that ZTE mimosa offers very nice specs along with a performance which makes your money’s worth. Now new information has become available regarding this upcoming android device and we thought we should share it with you while its fresh.

The device Mimosa X is built completely on the Nvidia silicone and features the tegra 2 processor. You must know about the tegra 2 processor because it was the main processor powering the flagship devices of the year 2011. So what is special about this device that it made it to the headlines?

Well the device not only has tegra 2 processor which is aimed at the midrange market but it is completely built on the Nvidia silicone supporting the Icera radio technology which was acquired by Nvidia last year.

ZTE have started launching devices with very attractive price range and they have expanded their market out of their home country into US and their first offering is the $100 tablet called Optik. Now accordingly ZTE have devided to expand their market to the European market also.

They are doing this by deciding to launch the Mimosa X for just $200 without contract. Now that’s a bargain price for a device that offers very good performance which is much better than those cheap android phones. This will allow you to enjoy high end performance on a phone which is midrange.

High Performance With A Very Reasonable Price

If you are familiar with the performance of the tegra 2 dual core processor then you will get same amazing performance from this device at such a low price. You can say that this is the ambitious project undertaken by ZTE to capture a segment of consumers who are looking for performing device for a cheap price. With the launch of Mimosa X ZTE will allow all people to own a powerful smartphone at a very reasonable price.

ZTE have already shown the demand for cheap devices in the market. People crave for powerful devices at a reasonable price because let’s face it who wants to face so much money on a device that will only last with you for two years only. So ZTE are being successful to capture that market segment which will eventually spread to the carrier segment.

Mimosa X is one device that you can look forward to own soon.

Key Features

  • Dual core tegra 2 processor
  • Android 4.0 preinstalled
  • 4.3inch qHD screen with a resolution of 960×540
  • 5MP rear camera and VGA front camera
  • 4Gb of internal storage which is expandable via microSd card up to 32Gb
  • Full connectivity suite including Wi-FI, Bluetooth v3.0, GPS etc.
  • HD video recording
  • Dolby sound option
  • DLNA compatibility
  • Nvidia modem Icera 450 HSPA+ modem that will provide you with speeds up to 21Mbps

So there you have a premium device for a very affordable price. Do let us know what you think about ZTE Mimosa X.

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