SMS Backup Android

SMS Backup Android

When it comes to backing up your SMS there is no better way to do it than the android application that is available for free, if you want to back up all your SMS data and send it to the cloud then the android platform by Google allows you to do this by a very easy to use application.You do need to have the … [Read more...]

AppZilla One Stop For All Utility Apps

AppZilla Tools

Our smartphones contains lots of apps that help us in our everyday life. Some of those apps we almost need on a daily basis and sometimes we use them occasionally but we never know when one app will come in handy. Smartphones contain apps for social networking, games, note taking and many other great apps. There … [Read more...]

Google+ Update Promised


Google+ is another famous social networking website that allows you to stay in contact with your friends and families. It hosts a variety of new features that may seem much easy to use to some users. Day by day Google+ is gaining more users and has already grown to about million users since its release.The … [Read more...]

Sony Introduces Android Powered Smartwatch


Among some of the coolest accessories that any person can own it is the smart watch. Smart watch allows the user to access and view select functions of your phone. Smart watch has been launched by many device makers but none has come close to the smart watch that is released by Sony. Most of the smart watch … [Read more...]

LG Spectrum LTE


This year’s CES have introduced a lot of new devices that are worth owning but no other device received this much attention then LG Spectrum LTE which was jointly announced along with Verizon.This newest device from LG features the LTE radio antennae that will provide 4G connectivity to you. This device is … [Read more...]

Make Free WI-FI Calls From Android

groove ip

Making free calls over the Wi-Fi from your android device isn’t something new but has been available for quite some time. If you have already tried this then you must be familiar with apps such as sipdroid or csipsimple.  These apps after you have installed them in your phone you need to set them up.Setting … [Read more...]

Acer ICONIA Tab A700

Acer Iconia A700

With the release of transformer prime from Asus the quad core tablet, other manufacturers haven’t been behind in producing their own quad core tablet. Acer has been at work since the launch of android 4.0 on a quad core tablet which was leaked due to many rumors floating around.Not until CES it was confirmed … [Read more...]

Apps That Will Make Your Friends More Annoying

android annoying

There are many social networking apps available for android through which you can stay connected with your friends and also receive updates on their statuses or locations. Currently the two most social networking apps that everybody uses are Facebook and Twitter. But there are host of other apps that will make … [Read more...]

The Layman’s IP Address, Decoded

IP Address decoded

The Internet offers a host of terminologies that become commonplace in nature and remain elusive to some extent. But some of them are crucial as they are linked to our everyday Internet activities and are enmeshed with Internet privacy.One of them is IP address, which is a truncated version of TCP/IP … [Read more...]

Searching Content Has Never Been This Easier

android search

Mostly when browsing through our android phone looking for a specific file we are unable to find it and then fall back on the Google search that is available on our android device to find the specific item in our phone or to find that item on the web. Doing the search is easy just you have to type in the Google … [Read more...]