Android Fragmentation: What Is It And Why Its A Nuisance To Developers

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Android has revolutionized the mobile world by introducing a whole new way in which we can put our device to good use. Android has brought many new updates and also Google has made sure to keep their android OS updated and bug free.

Google have made sure that whenever they release a new version of their OS it comes with host of new features that allows you more accessibility and flexibility. It also improves the user interface thus allowing you to enjoy your device in a new and unique way.

But with release of a new OS for either a tablet or smartphone has led to fragmentation to their android. There is no consistency of the apps and as a result the developers have to spend more time to design an app which is compatible for the tablet as well as for the phone.

What Is Fragmentation?

Before we delve further on fragmentation let’s clarify what is fragmentation? Most of our readers won’t be aware of the fragmentation. Fragmentation is of basically two types:

  • Hardware fragmentation: This means that the same software runs on a number of different hardware configurations. Meaning there will be different processor and motherboard and such. Hardware fragmentation isn’t troublesome for the developers because without hardware fragmentation you won’t be able to gain advantage of different market types. If you look at apple they have managed to keep the hardware fragmentation to a minimum by keeping the basic specs of the devices same in each upgrade.
  • Software fragmentation: this is the most troublesome of the fragmentation and it is best described as at any given time the devices that are running the software are running different versions of it. This is troublesome because with each new version of the software there are new upgrades and a developer has to spend more time in optimizing the app or software for each new version.

The biggest hurdle that android has to overcome is the software fragmentation. The version difference of android exists because Google has released new android OS with new features annually and also there exists honeycomb that is tablet specific OS.

So now you can see that the version differences exist because of the following reasons:

  • Whenever a new android OS is released it is customized according to the manufacturer hardware specs and also the UI is customized which each manufacturers use to make their product stand out.
  • The carrier customization that the manufacturer has to incorporate in their device.

So to minimize this fragmentation issue that occurs with each version of the android that is released Google has released Android Ice cream Sandwich which runs across all platforms including the tablets and smartphone. But the android 4.0 hasn’t reached out to all the devices that are out there and Google has already announced the plans for releasing their major next release Android 5.0 jelly bean.

With android 4.0 the fragmentation issue has been reduced and with Android 5.0 fragmentation issue will be reduced to a more minimum level which will allow the developers to develop application that runs across all the platforms. Thus developers can spend more time in managing the apps and developing better and improved version of the app instead of spending time on customizing the app that will run on different android versions.

So do let us know what you think about android fragmentation and whether it will be minimized with the release of Android 5.0.

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