Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. HTC ONE X: Battle For The Title Of The King Part 2


In our last post we took a look at both the devices and saw what different features sets them apart. The design category was easily won by the HTC ONE X because it gives a premium feel to it. Whereas in the display and hardware comparison the limelight was easily stolen by Galaxy S3 because Samsung have managed … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. HTC ONE X Battle For The Title Of The King Part 1


HTC ONE X was released a few months back and was the first device to feature Tegra 3 quad core processor along with some good performance but in terms of software experience there was nothing new that could make it stand apart from other competition. Now here comes the Galaxy S3 which not only boats impressive … [Read more...]

Meet The New Android Emperor Galaxy S3 Part 2


In our last article we mentioned how the galaxy S3 is revolutionizing the android world by introducing a host of new features that are aimed at making the android experience one of a kind. Samsung have tweaked the android 4.0 so much that they have host of new features that we have mentioned in our previous … [Read more...]

Meet The New Android Emperor Galaxy S3 Part 1


Samsung has become the world’s largest phone manufacturers thanks to the Galaxy S2 which was a hugely popular device for the year 2011. But now let’s give the predecessor a rest and let’s concentrate on the New Emperor of Android devices THE GALAXY SIII Design AT first look you will notice the magnificent … [Read more...]

HTC One V: An Affordable Android 4.0 Review


Introduction HTC One is a new series of HTC phones. This new series has included many different wonderful features that are really amazing. These exclusive features of One series has taken HTC phones to a new stage. Among the One series phones of HTC, One S and One X are flexible to use. On the other hand these … [Read more...]

Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Motorola Droid Fighter

galaxy s3 leaked photo

The constant rumor of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that is going on has caused much hype about the device and it is being hailed as the super phone of the year 2012. Last year’s super phone was Galaxy S2 which couldn’t be beaten by another android device. But this year Galaxy S3 after its release faces a tough rivalry … [Read more...]

ZTE Mimosa X: The Best Nvidia Silicone Midrange Android Phone

zte mimosa x

In one of our previous posts about Best midrange android phones of 2012 we mentioned about the ZTE Mimosa which is aimed people who aren’t looking for spending big bucks on a top end droid. We also mentioned that ZTE mimosa offers very nice specs along with a performance which makes your money’s worth. Now new … [Read more...]

Look At Some Of The Mid-Range Android Phones Of 2012 Part 2


In our previous post about the mid-range android phones we mentioned some of the best mid-range droids which many users would like to spend their money on rather than owning a high top end droid. We also mentioned that having a mid-range droid is much better than owning a cheap android phone. So we continue … [Read more...]

Look At Some Of The Mid-Range Android Phones Of 2012 Part 1

htc one S official pic

There are many new android devices being released in this year. You may have taken a look at some of them by going through our post of MWC 2012 during which many new android devices were released and their availability dates were mentioned. The flagship devices such as HTC ONE X or Galaxy Nexus there are … [Read more...]

HTC ONE S Is The Beauty With The Brains: Part 2

htc on s benchmarks screenshot

In the first part of the review we took a look at the device and how it feels. Also we discussed about the display of the device which makes it a true multimedia device. In this part we take a look at the hardware and performance of the device and we are sure that it will leave you stunned. Read on to find … [Read more...]