Connect To Your Desktop Remotely Through Your Android Smartphone

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Having a smartphone with us at all times is really helpful because it enables us to do a lot of things on the go without any worry. Moreover with the coming of Android our life has become much easier.

Android offers a vast number of apps that can help us out in various situation and also you are not only limited to one app. You can try different apps and see what suits your needs the most.

But there are limitations to what a smartphone can do for you. Fortunately the times when smartphone isn’t able to help us we have the desktop which is very versatile and also will allow you to complete a lot of work by providing you the resources beyond what you can expect from a smartphone.

But it’s not always possible to access the files that you have stored in your desktop at moment’s notice and also sometimes you are busy so you forget to take those files with you to work. At those moments how you wish you can access your desktop and retrieve the files right on your hands.

Well you don’t have to worry anymore because in this article we will take a look at some of the Remote Desktop Apps that will enable you to use your Android smartphone to access your PC from anywhere and retrieve or modify what you need.

1. XtraLogic’s Remoted Desktop Client

This is the most simple and easy to use remote desktop client. This app offers you two noticeable advantage first is that you can remotely access your desktop and second is that if you are sitting far from your desktop then you can use the phone as a keyboard.

Installation of the app is very easy and because most of the components that are required for the app to work already is preinstalled in the windows. It also offers good security features that make sure that your information is safe and secure.


2. Remote Droid

If you have been looking for a remote desktop app that will help you in your work then you don’t have to look further than the Remote Droid App. This app is also extremely easy to set up and doesn’t need much tweaking with your networking settings also.

You can use this app over your local WI-FI connection and can use your phone as a wireless keyboard and mouse. How cool is that!!! You can now use the app to remotely control your desktop and your work from your comfortable sofa without moving.



This is another remote desktop client that you will absolutely love because it will allow you to stream music and video files directly to your device from your desktop. You can also use it to browse your files in the desktop and download them to your phone.

Setting up this app is very easy. You just need to download the app to your phone and also a desktop sever. After setting up the server just launch the app and you’re ready to use the app.


We hope the remote desktop client app that we have listed have been helpful to you. Among many apps we have chosen the best and which are easy to use.

Do let us know how you felt after using the apps.

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