Find Out The Popular Apps Among Your Friends

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Android market has the largest collection of apps which comes second to Apple app store. So from among all those apps we mostly use the apps that are recommended by our friends or the apps on which we read about on the net.

Sometimes we just download an app that our friends have for fun. Now as always we cant rely on our friends for the latest and new scoops on the apps which are popular on the android market. Don’t worry the way for doing that has just came out which will enable you to get the latest news on the apps and will let you find out what apps are the most popular in the android market currently.

The amazing new app AppAware will get the information you need from various social networking websites and also pull recommendations on games and apps.

This app will also allow you to share, bookmark and recommend these apps to your friends. You can also search for the apps that you want and you will be presented with the most recommended app in that category meeting your criteria.

AppAware also comes with a nice home page widget that is always updated with the latest and popular apps which are organized in categories. You can also search for an specific app via location or country. The downloaded apps can be launched directly from within AppAware.

After you have downloaded and installed AppAware you can link it to your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking site. Because by being connected to such sites it can pull more recommendations. So in this case more the social networking accounts you link the more recommendations you get.

The main page of the app will allow you to search for an app in different ways. You can either go with the recommendations that the app is displaying or you can search for the app your looking for wither via app name or by user name. You can also find out which apps your friends have installed or have tried that app.

When you scroll over to the friends feed tab you are able to see the latest activities of your friends in addition to the top apps that are currently available in a specific location. The app also comes with a notification bar that when dragged up will show you updates related to apps or friends app activity.

You can browse through various user profile and you can find out their recent activity in android market. You can even send and view bookmarked aps. Each time you install an app you can update AppAware to display the apps that your using so that its displayed on your profile.

AppAware interface is similar to that of android market it will show you details of an app along with screenshot and user comments.

AppAware is the most easiest way to find out the most popular and interesting apps that your friends are using or they have used or the apps that are currently popular in the social network.

Key Features:

  • Get recommendations from friends
  • See what apps are popular in social networking sites
  • Be updated on what apps your friends have downloaded
  • Get reviews from different users
  • Get a history of apps that your friends have tried



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