How To Use Your Android Phone To Connect Your Desktop To The Internet

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If you are having trouble with your internet connection and you need to use internet immediately to complete your work then you can use your android phone to connect to the internet.

Yes you can use your phone as a modem or router to connect your desktop or laptop to the internet. This process works if you are subscribed to a data plan. But if you are subscribed to call only plan then it will not work.

Before we delve further into how to use your android phone to connect to the internet you should take a look at your data plan. Because some carriers offer unlimited data plans and some put a monthly limit to your plan. When using your android phone as a modem you can easily exceed the data plan so you need to be careful while using this method.

Things You Need

Before you can connect your PC to the internet through your android phone you need to have the following items:

  • Android Phone
  • USB cable
  • PdaNet 3.02 app installed on your phone
  • PdaNet 3.02 installed on your PC

PdaNet 3.02 is available on the Play Store for free. If you want to use the premium features then you get 14 day trial period after which you need to purchase the app to continue using the premium features.

As for the desktop application you can download it by visiting the developer’s website and installation is pretty easy and should go without any trouble.

How To Connect To The Internet

Now after you acquired the items that we have mentioned now you need to follow the guide to connect to internet using your android phone.

  1. Launch the PdaNet 3.02 app on your android phone
  2. After the app launches you will see two so tap on the button which says Enable USB Tether
  3. Connect your phone to your laptop or desktop PC with the USB cable
  4. The PdaNet application installed on your desktop should automatically detect your phone and if it doesn’t detect your phone and right click on PdaNet icon on system tray and select Connect internet
  5. If your phone connects to the internet then you should see a message indicating that your phone is now connected to the internet.
  6. The browsing speed depends on your carrier signal and in which area you are residing.


There you go now you can use your android phone as a portable modem for connecting to internet. This particular method is an effective solution when you don’t have good internet coverage or your ISP provider encounters some problem.

Now with the availability of 4G connection the internet browsing and downloading speed will be further increased so you can use your android phone as a modem rather than purchasing a separate wireless USB modem with extra charges and cost.

When you need and want use your android phone to connect your PC or laptop to internet. If you know of any other methods that can help you to achieve the same do let us know.

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