Make Taking Pictures A Fun And Enjoyable Experience With The Following Android Apps

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These days the camera on the android devices is very good which are able to take very good quality images. But sometimes the images that are taken come out to be boring and at those times with some apps you can create a very interesting picture which makes the entire process fun and enjoyable with your friends.

There are many kinds of camera and picture apps in the Play Store but in this post we have selected some of the best apps which we think you will have fun using.

1. Camera Fun Free

This is a very fun app to use and with this app you don’t need have to edit the photos after you have taken them but instead the changes are applied on the photos as you take them. With this app you get instant editing.

This app features different kind of lenses that will allow you to add different type of effects on the photos that you take. The free version of the app allows you up to 6 different lenses to be used. But after you purchase the pro version you can choose from 29 different lenses. So if you have been looking for an app that gives you instant effects on your photos then download it from Play Store.

2. Paper Camera

This is another fun and popular camera app that is very popular in the Play store. This app will allow you to view the world as a cartoon which is very extraordinary. You can capture interesting images with this app because it allows you to create your own cartoon through the images that you capture.

Just like the previous app Camera Fun app the effects are instantaneous and you don’t have to edit the photos after you have taken them. You can see the changes immediately as soon as you have taken the photos. Some of the effects that are available in the app are cartoon, sketch, comic, half tone and neon.

3. LightBox Photos

If you are familiar with instagram for android then lightbox will feel familiar to you because with this app you can modify and edit any image that you have taken. You can apply various effects to the photos that you have taken.

After you are satisfied with the changes that you have made to the photo that you have taken you can share the photo in your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. You can also create a Lightbox account where you can upload the picture.

4. Line Camera App

If you like to add different kinds of effects to the photos that you have taken then Line Camera is the ideal camera app for you. You can use this app to add different kinds of stamps and frames to the pictures to make it more exciting and interesting.

In this app you can choose from 100 different kinds of frames, 600 stamps, 18 filters and 156 brushes. You also get the option to create your very own unique stamps which will give your photos and messages a unique and fun theme. You can even share the pictures in your Facebook account and other social networking sites.

So there you have some of the apps that will make taking pictures a fun filled experience. So do let us know if you come across some other photo apps that lets you edit and make the pictures more interesting.

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