New APPS Of The Year 2012 Part 2

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In the previous post we have taken a look at some of the android apps that made the 2012 start with some new features and fun. Now we take a look at some more of the apps that have made a splash in 2012 and will be worth it the entire coming year.

1.  Chrome To Phone:

If you’re a constant user of the chrome web browser on your computer then there might be some times when you need to go somewhere quickly and don’t want to miss out on the link that you have opened.

So with this app you can simply transfer the open website on your computer directly to your android phone which will arrive as a notification. When you want to view the page just click on the notification and the webpage will open on the default web browser of your android device. You can also send webpages from your phone to your chrome browser on your PC by using Phone 2 Chrome which is available in the android market.


2.  ColorNote:

This is another handy note taking application which makes sure that you have the best note taking experience on the android device. You will be able to instantly write note and make checklist and also assign them different color so that it is easier for you to remember them.

With color note you will also be able to pin notification on your taskbar and also it will allow you to stick the notes on one of your home screens with the help of the color note widget.


3.  Flixter:

When you’re bored and wondering which movie to see, or to get news on the latest movies then flixter is the right app for you. It will enable you to get instant movie times, movie trailers, reviews and more.

Flixter will also give you the listings on which movie are playing in your local theatre. You will also be able to see the movies that have been released on DVD according to dates. With flixter you will be assured that you’re up to date on the latest movie news.


4.  PdaNet:

With this software you will be able to share your phone’s internet connection with your computer. All you need is a desktop client which is available from their website. The good thing about this app is that it’s free and unlike other apps there is zero latency between your PC and mobile device.

You can even install this app in your tablet and it will make it easier to share data between the android devices as well as between your desktop.


5.  Words With Friends:

If you’re looking for a good and interesting game then you can’t find any other addictive game than words with friends in the android market.

After downloading this app you need to sign up for an account and also register with your Facebook account which will enable you to see which of your friend has the game and also enable you to play with them.


6.  Google Music:

This is the best music cloud service to come out after iTunes. It will allow you to save your music collection online saving your storage space in your android device. You can also download your songs into your device for offline listening.

You can upload almost 20,000 songs directly from your computer for cloud storage and can listen to it anywhere with an available internet connection. Google music is one of the best android music players till date to be released.


With this post we have concluded some of the best apps of the year 2012 although the year has just started so we can’t yet conclude that they are the best apps.

Let us know if you come across any apps that have made  news in the beginning of the year 2012

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