Procedure for Rooting Your Dell Streak 7

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Rooting is a procedure that will enable you to be the master of your device as it will enable administrative privileges on your device. Through rooting you will be able to perform much more customization or even install custom firmware to get more out of your device.

If you’re an owner of dell streak 7 then you’re in luck because by the time you’re done reading this short guide you would have rooted your dell streak 7. Many users find that rooting is a complicated procedure so they stick with their devices default settings.

Rooting this device will allow you to get support and new software from the developing community even though its support from DELL has been discontinued. You will be even able to install Android 4.0 ICS custom ROM on your device if you have rooted your device.

Dell Streak 7 is a very useful device as it’s a hybrid between a smart phone and a tablet. By rooting it you can unlock the full potential of this device. Before you start with the rooting procedure there is something that you need to make sure to:

  • Make a backup of all your files and data in your SD card.
  • To create a backup of your sms and mms then install SMS Backup and restore” app from the android market. Its available for free.
  • If you have evernote installed then manually copy and paste the settings that you need saved.
  • Enable USB Debugging mode by going to settings and then to application and make sure to tick mark USB debugging.
  • Fully charge your device.
  • Uninstall any security software that you may have installed in your dell streak to prevent any unwanted complications.


Rooting Procedure:

Before you start the rooting you must understand that doing this process you will be voiding the warranty of your device. If you do not wish to void the warranty than do not read any further but if you want complete full control of your device then read ahead for the guide on rooting.

  1. Download a software called SuperOneClick
  2. After download has completed extract all the contents to a folder.
  3. Connect your device to the computer via USB cable.
  4. Launch SuperOneClick from the exe file in the extracted contents within the folder.
  5. Once the program has launched and your device is connected click on the button Root to begin the rooting process.
  6. Upon completion a message will be displayed that rooting has been successful.
  7. Along with rooting SuperOneClick will also install busybox and superuser on your device.
  8. If the procedure of rooting was interrupted or the message that rooting successful wasn’t displayed then disconnect your device from your PC and restart your device then repeat the procedure again.
  9. After rooting if you don’t find superuser installed on your device then you can download it for free from the android market and install it.


You have successfully rooted your Dell Streak 7 and now you can proceed to installing custom apps or custom firmware to get the most out of your device.

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