Samsung Galaxy SIII- How Samsung Made Its Launch Successful

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Many of you might be wondering that how Samsung did kept its new Galaxy SIII a secret and never let even a single photo of the idea came out on blog sphere? Well, this was the part of the strategy set by Samsung so they could make the launch of this smartphone a great success which they have actually done with pride.

While, there were news surrounding the media and especially the social media that Samsung Galaxy SIII is coming to the market but no one was able to get a glimpse of how the smartphone will look like? This is what made the launch successful and you can see the selling record of Galaxy SIII too.


The new handset by Samsung has done a tremendous job in the market. So far, no other handset by the manufacturer has got so much success and anticipation in the market. So, this is really a pride moment for Samsung as many are claiming the smartphone to be direct competitor of iPhone 4S.

I still remember when there were only a few weeks left in the launch of new Samsung Galaxy SIII, each blog and website was talking about this handset. There were news, rumors, images and videos as well. However, none of those reports were true or authentic. Many of the predictions might have turned true but by chance, of course.

Even there were dummy previews of expected Samsung Galaxy SIII but none of the rumors turned out to be 100% right. The question remains, how Samsung was able to keep the new SIII a secret until it was launched?

We have come to know that there were some strict policies established and implemented by authorities at Samsung that ensured no body leaks the idea of this Android Smartphone. They had forbidden their employees to talk about this product openly in public and that is how they did it.

Don’t Say Anything

The simplest way to keep a secret project a secret is to keep quiet and don’t say anything at all. Of course, this concept is not new but this is the only concept that works in such situations. However, it requires great management and enormous amount of trust to carry out such an idea.

Employees were told not to talk about the upcoming product anywhere. They were not even allowed to talk to their family members as well. One of the Engineers who worked on the Galaxy SIII told after launch, “My Son knew, I had worked at SI and SII so he kept asking me about SIII but I had to keep quiet.”

No Pictures – No Cameras Allowed

They never let anyone take pictures of the smartphone equipped with latest Android version 4.0.4 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). Even vendors were not allowed to take pictures of prototypes and they had to place pre-sale orders on verbal descriptions.

Was That A Good Move?

I personally think that Samsung did a great job by keeping this phone a secret until its release. It helped the company built hype in the market and when the smartphone was finally out in the market, everyone was going crazy about buying it.

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