Sony Introduces Android Powered Smartwatch

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Among some of the coolest accessories that any person can own it is the smart watch. Smart watch allows the user to access and view select functions of your phone. Smart watch has been launched by many device makers but none has come close to the smart watch that is released by Sony. Most of the smart watch offered basic functionality like checking your mails and also logging your workout session and all. They were also power hungry and weren’t any kind of practical solution to owning a watch.

Sony redefines the meaning of owning a watch. The smart watch which Sony are offering comes with a 1.3inch multi-touch OLED display that will enable you to access the phone function such as calls, messages, music and also social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike other smart watch this one runs on android honeycomb. This lets you browse the android market and also download apps which will suit you need. Provided there is limited hardware availability but that hasn’t stopped from letting you download apps to the watch to enable more functionality. The small screen means that apps need to be optimized so that they are correctly displayed. Sony will be releasing an SDK for the developer so that can develop applications that will enable you to take full advantage of the watch.

Unlike other smart watch like MOTOACTV this one has another special functionality. It won’t be just limited to your wrist, you can detach it and clip it on any other place like your bad or clothes. To enable data communication with your phone Sony has outfitted the watch with Bluetooth 3.0 which makes sure that device will run smooth and efficiently. The smart watch is also dust and splash proof.

The display of the smart watch is very clear and also the texts on the display are pleasant to read. You don’t have to squint just to read the text. Moreover the color presentation are very accurate and since the watch is using an OLED screen it is guaranteed to consume less power. Facebook and twitter are constantly updated from the phone so you will be assured that you wont miss any updates during your workout and also when your busy. Just a simple tap on your wrist and it will reveal all the updates.

The watch is powered with Android honeycomb which was primarily designed for tablets but in this little device honeycomb runs perfectly smooth and efficiently. There isn’t any lag what so ever. Even after installing apps the watch functions efficiently. Having Bluetooth 3.0 on board Sony has made sure that you can pair the watch with any android smartphone and not just Sony’s.

You will be guaranteed to encounter apps made for the watch once the device is released. The watch can be used in any condition and you don’t have to be worried about damaging it.

The watch will go on sale along with their new flagship Xperia S and the watch will cost you $149

Key Features:

  • Android Honeycomb 3.2
  • 1.3inch multi-touch OLED display
  • Bluetooth v3.0
  • Splash resistant
  • Dust resitant
  • Can be paired with any android smart phone
  • Detachable wrist tag.
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