Transfer Data Wireless Through Web To Your Phone With EZ Drop

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There are times when you want to transfer some important data from your phone to your computer and you can’t find the cable or you are in your friends place and need to transfer files to and from his computer but either you don’t have cable or Bluetooth pairing isn’t working.

At times like these you really wish that there was some easy way to transfer without all these kinds of hassle. So do not worry anymore because there is an answer to your worries which is solved by EZ Drop.

EZ Drop allows you to transfer files between PC and mobile device through their website and for it to work you just need to install the app in your android device and its ready to go.

Unlike other similar applications that you can find in android market the things that you don’t have to do with these apps are:

  • No need for complex server setup
  • No need for registering with EZ Drop website
  • No need for IP address configuration

These are the common problems encountered with other apps but with this app you won’t find such problems. All you need to do is after installing the app you will be required to enter a 4 digit pin code that is displayed on the EZ Drop website and you are good to go.

The good part about EZ Drop is that it allows you to upload any type of files into their EZ Drop cloud service and you can access them from anywhere.

Other apps in the android market require that you need your android device and the service be present on the same network and only they work. Sometimes it becomes a hassle just to set up a network so that the app works.

But with EZ Drop you don’t need such thing. The entire setup process is simplified as possible. All you need is an internet connection and the desktop browser which will show you the pin and you should enter it correctly in the app in your phone so that the setup is complete and you can upload the files.

EZ Drop Enables Easier File Transfer Between Computer And Phone

To transfer files from PC to you android phone just hit the upload button on the browser and select the file you want to upload to EZ Drop. After the upload of the files are complete a 4 digit pin will be displayed that you need to enter in your phone so that you can download the files you uploaded.

To upload files from your phone just select the file and click on send to PC button and after the upload is complete the file will appear as a download link in your desktop browser from where you can download it easily.

EZ Drop is a very handy app which will allow you to transfer files to and fro between PC and mobile without the need for any cables or any other complex setup procedures.

Download the EZ Drop app from the android market for free and get started in transferring the file. Do let us know if you come across any other app that offers file transfers via web very easily like EZ Drop.

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