Why Android Is Becoming The Most Mobile OS In The World?

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The Beginning Of Android

A few years ago Google’s employees developed a new operating system for mobile phones and soon it became very popular all over the world. Today, its popularity is increasing day by day. They named it Android, an Operating System based on Linux.

Android phones are now the first preference of smartphone users due to its advanced technology. This technology gives a lot of free applications which can be easily downloaded with zero cost. Users have no need to pay for downloading any application (in most of the cases).



Android provides an affordable platform for applications where users can get latest apps according to their requirement. For the first time, Android OS was used in 2008 in HTC Dream. By 2010 there were almost 44% smartphones whom purchased this OS.

This is wonderful software; it invites many hardware and software developers to work on it in a good atmosphere. Android gives an easy customization facility. In this facility users can open multiple applications in a time.


Users can jump from one application to other application without closing the first one. Users can customize widgets (big and small) and choose the widgets which they want to show on home screen. Users can make the home screen folder and they can group applications.

There is also an applications launcher, by dragging any app in it, users can get all the details about that app. Users can disable previous apps and can install new apps with the help of applications launcher. Android provides the facility of changing the music and checking the notifications without unlocking the phone.

When the screen is small notifications will show on the top of the screen and at the system bar when screen is big. Users can move fast and easily to home and recently-used applications by using individual buttons.


Android provides very interesting and useful security system. There is no need of security code or passwords anymore (in latest version). Your Android Smartphone will recognize you by detecting your face just look into the camera of your smart phone and it will recognize your face and then unlock.

New Advancements

Google wanted an OS which could run everywhere in the world so they have designed Ice Cream Sandwich which is the combination of Ginger Bread and the Honeycomb. Spell checker and dictionary is updated in ICS for better word suggestion.

They also tried to improve the spell checking system for Missing Letters, Double Write Letter and Missed Spaces. New chrome mobile browser is added in ICS which can save pages for offline reading and have the capacity to open 16 tabs for multi-tasking.


Overall, Android has proven to be a great OS for mobile phones. The time has gone when people used simple GSM handsets as now everyone wants to have a smartphone in his/ her hands. Android has provided all of us with a great option to use latest smartphones in effective way.

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